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Cast of Characters

The characters are listed in the instruction booklet, but I'll put some info on them here so you don't have to dig out the instructions. The green text is my "opinion" of the character.

Shyna: The main character of Silhouette Mirage and the character you play as. Shyna is the Messenger of Justice and she has to repair the Edo system before it destroys the world. She is very determined to succeed and won't let anything stop her from completing her mission. Shyna is stubborn at times and she hates losing.

My favorite character! Shyna's a nice person (most of the time); nice to friends, and sometimes even nice to her enemies. Shyna CAN have "temper tantrums" if someone calls her the Messenger of Destruction. ^__^

Gehena: The computer program inside Shyna. Gehena will help Shyna by offering her important information on enemies. Shyna appreciates Gehena's help, but she hates the fact that Gehena lacks emotion and talks monotonously.

Gehena's very helpful. If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be getting through the game very easily (and Shyna wouldn't be reaching Edo!).

Bug: A Mirage soldier who was told to watch the Shelter where Shyna resides. Bug follows his orders, but then decides to help Shyna after being betrayed.

Such a cute character! ^_^ I'm glad he decides to help Shyna. He just doesn't make a good badguy in my opinion.

Grigg: A frog with a punkster attitude. He is the leader of a group of Silhouettes who are trying to invade the Shelter by tunneling underground.

A total weirdo. He's like...Steve Irwin in Creepy Mode, I guess. Grigg's freaky.

Zohar: Zohar is essentially 2 characters, both of them described below.

Zohar Metatron: He has the Silhouette attribute. Metatron thinks he is all-powerful and that he can easily defeat Shyna. Metatron tends to get angry easily and he hates following Hal's orders.

What can I say? He's mean, cranky, nasty, rotten, and cruel. He's an egotistical jerk. But, he's a cool egotistical jerk!

Zohar Sandalphon: She has the Mirage attribute. Sandalphon also thinks she is powerful and that Shyna can be defeated easily. Sandalphon doesn't get as angry as Metatron, but she also doesn't like following Hal's orders.

Well, she's mean, nasty, rotten, and cruel, too. Just not as much as Metatron. She doesn't get cranky, either. However, she's just as egotisitcal as Metatron is.

Hal: Hal is the strongest of the Mirages. He is experimenting with the Silhouette and Mirage attributes and has managed to create lifeforms called the Guardian Angels. Hal has created the Guardian Angels to stop Shyna from completing her mission.

Hal's worse than Metatron, sort of. He's evil. VERRRRRY evil.

Megido: Megido is the strongest of the Silhouettes. He can be quite violent at times and he does not get along with Hal. Megido hopes that Shyna will complete her mission.

Is he a bad guy, or a good guy? Megido wants Shyna to complete her mission, while all the other bad guys don't.

Polly Peepers: Mirage enemies that will follow orders well. They are intelligent and will use machinery to try and defeat Shyna.

They're so cuuuuuuute! But they'll kick your butt if you're not careful.

Spectres: Silhouette enemies that are focused on getting rid of Shyna. They use some of the same weapons as Polly Peepers, but they don't use machinery.

They're flippin' cute, too! But, you'll be sorry if you tick them off.

Goliath: A Silhouette who relies on brute strength to defeat his foes. He guards the Attribute Gun.

Um...this guy's hardly got ANY brains. He IS capable of kicking your butt if you're not careful, though.

Pablo: A boy with the Silhouette attribute. He seems somewhat weak, but he's much tougher than he looks.

Just a little kid. No worries at all, right? Wrong! No, he's not a wizard/mage.

Sara: Sara is the hostess of a popular game show in Media City. She is addicted to gambling and wants to get some extra money by getting rid of Shyna.

Sara is Regis Philbin's evil twin. Sort of. She looks cheery, but she's pretty danged nasty.

Delia: Delia is the star attraction of Media City. He keeps people in the city under control through TV, the radio and the internet.

Two words: total snob. He's rich, famous, bossy, AND whiney. Thank goodness he doesn't throw temper tantrums.

Nardo: Nardo works for the Samurai Security in Raqia. He patrols the city looking for anyone causing trouble.

Nardo takes his job WAY too seriously. Don't upset him, or he might kill you for causing trouble.

The Reaper: The Reaper can travel between the Silhouette and Mirage worlds. He is looking for a worthy foe and Shyna might meet him.

Scary? Yes. Strong? Yes. How strong? He can kick your sorry butt in 3 hits or less if you're not careful.

Guardian Angels
The Guardian Angels are Hal's body guards. They were created by Hal to eliminate anyone who might be a threat to him or his empire.

Dynamis: Dynamis possesses both the Silhouette and Mirage attributes. She isn't very intelligent, but will obey orders she receives.

You thought Goliath was dumb? Dynamis makes him look smart! She's also cute and creepy at the same time. Is that a good thing?

Malak: He also possesses both attributes. However, Malak is smarter than Dynamis and is capable of having no attribute in his body.

Looks cute; sounds like a sadistic Elmo (and acts like one, too). Malak can make a happy person an ANGRY person in less than 20 seconds.

Geluve: Geluve is the most intelligent Guardian Angel and is capable of making her own decisions. Like Dynamis and Malak, she has both attributes.

Geluve is kinda scary. She can be pretty sadistic, and she loves to insult Shyna.

These are Shyna's weapons. There are 7 parasites in the game, each with its own special ability.

Surosa: This parasite fires bullet-like shots at enemies. When used in a Parasite Bomb, Surosa will fire shots at random enemies. Shyna starts out with this parasite.


  • Inflicts a good amount of damage
  • Drains spirit quickly from enemies
  • Fires efficiently (10 shots can be fired before your spirit meter drops by 1 point)
  • Most affordable weapon in the game


  • Shots don't travel far at low levels
  • Shots are easily reflected by some enemies
  • Distance of shots decreases as spirit becomes low

    Priday: This parasite fires circular boomerangs; the boomerangs will eventually return to you. In a Parasite Bomb, the shots will be fired in a circular pattern.


  • Inflicts quite a bit of damage
  • Able to hit an enemy twice
  • Drains spirit quickly from enemies
  • Shots can travel far, even at low levels
  • Low spirt doesn't affect distance of shots


  • Only 4 shots can be fired at one time
  • Requires a fair amount of spirit to be fired
  • Somewhat expensive

    Angara: Angara fires grenade-like projectiles. Also, mines can be placed by pushing down + []. Grenades will be fired in a circular pattern when Angara is used in a Parasite Bomb.


  • Inflicts a good amount of damage
  • Grenade/Mine blast can knock enemies back
  • Works well for fighting groups of enemies on the ground


  • Arc on the shots makes them difficult to aim
  • Mines take a couple of seconds to blow up
  • Only one grenade can be fired at a time
  • Grenades don't travel very far
  • Fairly expensive, especially at higher levels

    Grattoni: An energy beam is produced when Grattoni is fired. You have to hold the [] button down in order for the blast to continue. The beam will lock on to an enemy when Grattoni is in a Parasite Bomb.


  • Very effective at destroying enemy shots of the opposite attribute
  • Reaches a long distance
  • Does a big amount of damage to enemies


  • Consumes spirit very quickly
  • Very poor at draining spirit from enemies
  • Beam is easily reflected by enemies
  • Fairly expensive, especially at higher levels

    Rasti: Rasti creates toxic gas clouds. The gas clouds form a circular pattern when Rasti is used in a Parasite Bomb.


  • Good at hitting larger bosses
  • Great for setting traps for some enemies


  • Consumes spirt quickly
  • Only 7 shots can be fired at a time
  • Doesn't work well against enemies who move a lot (unless you grab an enemy and toss them into the blast)
  • In order for an enemy to be damaged greatly, it must remain in the blast for a long time

    Envia: When using Envia, you must hold down the [] button in order for the weapon to continue firing. You can control the angle of the beams that are produced by using the up and down buttons on the control pad. Envia will create two "wings" around Shyna when used in a Parasite Bomb.


  • Good at draining spirit from enemies
  • The beams are difficult for enemies to reflect (if they can reflect them at all)
  • Not very expensive, even at high levels


  • Somewhat hard to damage enemies, especially if they move quite a bit
  • Requires you to go close to enemies
  • Can't be aimed as well as some of the other weapons

    Cavitas: This parasite locks on to enemies and fires a homing laser at them. You must hold down [] in order to lock on to enemies, then release the button after a target appears on the enemy. Cavitas will target random enemies when used in a parasite Bomb.


  • Rarely misses enemies
  • Inflicts a good amount of damage
  • Great for fighting groups of enemies


  • VERY slow (by the time you lock on to an enemy with Cavitas, you could have already hit the enemy with another parasite)
  • The shots can be reflected
  • Not very good at draining spirit
  • The most expensive weapon in the game at Lv.6 (1200 credits!!)