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Silhouette Mirage FAQ

These are some questions about Silhouette Mirage that I've been asked (or might be asked). There might be an answer to one of your questions here that isn't answered in another part of the site, so read on if you want to.

Pick a section, scroll down to it, then find your question and answer!

Playing Silhouette Mirage
About the game
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Questions for me

Playing Silhouette Mirage (If the instruction book doesn't help, maybe I can.)

How do I unlock the options?
You must clear all 5 paths in the game to unlock the "special" options.

I see the Char Resize and Game Speed options in the instruction booklet, but they don't appear on the options screen!
These 2 options are "hidden." First, clear all 5 paths in the game. Then, go to the title screen, highlight Options, and press start (DO NOT push any other button or else you won't find the options).

What's the point of the Status screen?
This screen shows info about Shyna, as well as the number of paths you've cleared. Something might happen to it after you beat all 5 paths...

What happens to the Status screen after I clear all 5 paths?
You'll have to find out yourself, or just go check the Spoilers section.

There IS a way to solve this: slam your controller into the floor, kick your PlayStation, and shriek at the top of your lungs.
Actually, if you read the instructions, go through the tutorial, and just keep on playing the game, you'll get better at it!

How do I clear the 5 paths in SM?
This can be pretty difficult. Here's a list to help you out:

1)Lose the 2 min. battle with Zohar, fight Serah, pick "Restore Edo"
2)Lose the 2 min. battle with Zohar, fight Serah, pick "Abandon Edo"
3)Win the 2 min. battle with Zohar, fight Cypher-Ha Zohar, pick "Abandon Edo"
4)Win the 2 min. battle with Zohar, fight Cypher-Ha Zohar, pick "Restore Edo"

The 5th path will be cleared when you fight the Reaper on any one of the above paths. You don't have to follow this list if you don't want to; you can clear each path in any order you like. If you want to make life "easier," you can fight the Reaper on your first time through the game; this will automatically clear 2 paths.

How do I fight The Reaper?
You must get to the first fight with Megido without using ANY continues. Then, you have to defeat him without using continues. You'll have to answer 3 questions before you fight The Reaper. If you answer one wrong, you won't get to fight him. Here are the answers (highlight past the * mark): *No, no, yes*

How do I beat [insert boss name here]?
Check the Walkthrough for an answer to that question.

What are the best parasites to use?
It depends on the situation. I prefer using Surosa, Priday, and Envia all the time. You'll just have to try them all out and see which ones you like! ^__^

All right then. Mute your TV, and turn on the radio (or listen to a CD). Don't have a radio or CD player? Well then, just live with the voice acting, or play the game in silence (which is kinda boring). I don't think the voice acting is annoying. I find it quite helpful, actually. It lets you know what kind of attack a boss is going to use, when the boss is defeated...

Yeah, it is a little hard. I might put up the character quotes in the Sound Effects section.

When Gehena is talking to Shyna during the game, can other characters hear Gehena?
Probably not. Gehena mentions something about "mental holography" near the start of the game, so Shyna's probably the only one who can hear Gehena.

Is Armageddon REALLY a guy? How come he sounds like a girl?
Yes, Armageddon is a guy (Working Designs even said so!). Meiou (author of Shaina's Get-A-Way Hut) has translated most of the Japanese version of SM. Armageddon (aka Clod in the Japanese version) is called "little boy" by Shyna in the Japanese version. Yes, Arma DOES sound like a girl in the North American version of SM. That's probably why I, along with others, thought Arma was a female (I've believed this for 2 years!). Maybe his voice acting could have been done a little better...

Is there ANY way to get all those credits from Delia?!
As far as I can see, no. I think that huge amount of money is just there to get you frustrated and angry. The richest boss you can actually Cash Bash is The Reaper. He has 525 credits (and you'll probably die getting them.).

Is it just me, or does the game's difficulty level change constantly?
There are times when it seems to. One day, I'll be able to defeat a boss and come out of the fight without a scratch; the next time I fight that boss, though, I'll get the ever-living crap beaten out of me. I don't know why this happens, but it does. Just save before boss fights...if you're doing okay, that is.

Cheating (Now why would you want to do that?)

Are there any cheat codes for SM that don't require a Game Shark/cheat device?
Sort of. There's the "hidden options" trick, and a full health cheat (which doesn't seem to work on my copy of the game). Here's the full health cheat:

During gameplay, pause the game, then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, [], triangle, O

Is it possible to play as Zohar or other characters in the actual game?
It might be. I've heard of people using cheat devices to play as different characters from the game. Unfortunately, I've never seen this done, so it may just be rumor.

Is it possible to get 2 or more of the same Lv.6 parasite?
Once, I managed to get two of the Lv.6 Rasti in my inventory. However, the 2nd Rasti's picture didn't show up in my inventory, just the Lv.6 part did. It was some weird glitch, I guess. If I can find a way to make it happen again, I'll let you know!

Rumors (Hmmmmm....)

I heard Treasure might be making SM2.
I WOULD like to say yes, but I'm not too sure. Treasure wasn't big on making sequels to their games, but they've recently started making sequels to some of their older games. Maybe a sequel to Silhouette Mirage will happen.

You can fight that Spectre walker shown in the instruction book, right?
No. If you check out Lord Cyber's SM site, you can find out why. If you don't feel like going there, I'll put the answer here:

That Spectre walker DOES NOT appear in the game. That walker is a Vangaurd Bandits character. Supposedly, Working Designs made that screenshot as a joke.

I heard it was possible to get Shyna to call Pablo a b@$t@rd.
I'm not sure if this is possible. I know you can get Shyna to call Pablo a "big cheater." Just beat Pablo without knocking the background down. As for the b@$t@rd part, I'll try and find out how it works (and if it does actually happen.).

About the Game (Not enough info in the manual?)

I want to buy a copy of SM. How much is it, and where do I buy it?
Silhouette Mirage is in the $8-$33 range. You can buy it at a videogame store, and you can probably find it at an auction site (i.e. Ebay). If you haven't tried SM yet, I suggest renting it first.

Are there two different versions of the game?
I know for sure there are two different discs: a Hal disc, and a Megido disc. Whether or not they're different from each other, I don't know. I've heard of people seeing things happen in the Hal disc that don't happen in the Megido disc. It's possible that there are two slightly different versions of the game.

What font is used in Silhouette Mirage?
I'm pretty sure it's Westminster. If you've got the Westminster font on your computer, use the font, then set it to size 12 and make it bold.

Are there any spelling mistakes in the game?
As far as I can see, no. SM was translated quite well! However, there are some "errors" in the game. Check the Silliness section and look at the nit picks.

I don't really get some parts in the story. Were there things omitted from the North American version of SM?
Yes. According to Meiou's site, a few parts of the story were omitted/changed.

Why did Working Designs change parts of the game and storyline?
The Japanese version (and some of the North American version) of SM is FULL of Biblical references. The names of some of the characters come from the Bible (Samson and Goliath), too. Some people may not like that, so that part of the game was changed. Why parts of the actual story were changed, I don't know. If you want to see what was omitted from the game, check out Shaina's Get-A-Way Hut soon. Meiou will be putting up stuff she translated from the Japanese version of SM.

How do you know there are Bible references in the Japanese version of SM? None of the other characters in the American version have names that resemble stuff from the Bible.
Like I said, most of the names were changed. If you look at some of the Japanese websites out there, you can sometimes find the names of the characters. If you don't want to look/can't find them, here are some of the names: Moses (Bug), Delilah (Delia), Angerer (Angara), Lusty (Rasti), Gluttony (Grattoni), Slother (Surosa). These names had to be changed because they were all related to something in the Bible.

Where can I get the Japanese version of SM?
In Japan! Well, maybe if you check an import store, or an auction site, you might find a copy. You'd better buy a Sega Saturn while you're at it.

Can I listen to the music from the game?
Yep. Just pop the game disc into a CD player. Go past Track 1, because there isn't any music on this track. There's also a Silhouette Mirage soundtrack, but you'd probably have to be pretty lucky to find that.

About My Site (That little description on the front page isn't enough?)

Can I submit something for your site? How do I do that?
Yes. Just send it to the e-mail address on the main page. Make sure you leave some sort of name (your first name, nickname, etc) so I can give you credit. You'll have to keep it under 1 MB, though.

I submitted something, but it's not on the site. Why?
If you send me something, I'll try to have it on the site as soon as possible (within 1 or 2 weeks). If you submit something that's not appropriate, it won't be put on the site.

I typed in a URL wrong, and I found your site directories with pictures, etc. Why aren't those items on the site for everyone to see?
If something's not on my site, there's probably a reason for it. It's either not ready to go on the site, or it's not going on the site at all.

Don't you have enough artwork on your site now?!
One can never have too much artwork...unless it goes over the 20 MB limit.

Why don't you draw any CG pictures for your site? How come you don't use Paint or some other program?
I will draw some CG pictures for my site at some point (actually, the Halloween 2003 picture was coloured with my computer). I've been getting the hang of PhotoDeluxe, and I'll try to make some CG artwork for the site. I still like pencil, paper, and pencil crayons better, though... ^^;;;;

Why don't you have "thumbnail" pictures in your artwork section?
It's a bit of a hassle for me (type type, delete, type type). It might also take a while for the thumbnails to load on some people's computers. You'll just have to read the descriptions.

Is there any 18+ artwork on your site?
NO. The worst on this site is a little blood in some of my artwork, and a few minor cuss words in my fanfic (the words WERE used by some characters in SM). That is as far as I'm going. I am NOT putting any 18+ links, artwork, fanfics, etc. on this site. I want this site to be G to PG-13. End of story.

If there's no 18+ stuff on your site, how come some of the other sites you link to contain "bad" stuff?
I can't control what other people put on their sites. I DO check the sites I find (or read other people's warnings about them) before I link to them, but I don't know if someone is going to add mature works to their site in the future. If a site bothers you, don't go to it.

I didn't like [insert SM site here] because it had some "bad" stuff. Can you please get rid of it?
Sorry, but no. Like I said, I can't control what people put on their sites. If something bothers you, don't go to that part of the site, or don't go to the site at all. Something on a site may bother you, but it might not bother someone else.
However, if someone adds something way over the 18+ limit to their site and puts no warning on it, then I may remove the site from my links section.

Can't you draw just ONE 18+ picture for your site? Who'll care if you draw one?
NO. If you want to look at stuff like that, go to another site please. And quite a few people will care (i.e. People offended by such artwork).

Why don't you put a mature section on your site?
No. Sure, I could lable a section "Mature: 18 and over only" but not everyone pays attention to that. Read the previous Q+A CAREFULLY.

Questions for Me (Need to sort of ask me something?)

Are you obsessed with Silhouette Mirage?
Well, I love drawing the characters, I think the humor in the game is flippin hilarious, I can play the game over and over again, I've memorized most of the dialogue, I'm making a whole site about the game...yeah, I'd say I'm pretty obsessed with Silhouette Mirage. ^^

Who's your favorite character?
How the heck should I know?! They're all so cool! Well, I guess Shyna's my favorite character!

Why's Shyna your favorite character? [Insert character name here] is MUCH cooler!
Well, everyone has their own favorite character. I like Shyna because she's almost always happy, she can forgive her enemies, she's got a cool outfit and hairstyle, and she's stronger than she looks. She's also the easiest (and "funnest") character to draw (in my opinion anyway.)! I like all the other characters, too, but Shyna's my favorite.

Why did you put nit picks in the Silliness section?
Well, where else am I going to put them? In the walkthrough?

WHY did you put up nit picks in the first place?
I don't know. I just felt like pointing out the funny/odd errors that were in the game, just in case YOU didn't notice them.

Why is it taking you so long to finish your fanfic?
I'm not a very good writer. It takes me a while to get ideas for the story. What? You're actually READING it?

How come you don't put your own screenshots on your site?
I'd like to, but I can't. I don't have the stuff to do that. You'll just have to take a look at the other sites with screenshots on them.

Are you really good at SM, or did you just use codes and cheat devices to beat the game?
I did not use codes or cheat devices to beat SM. I just kept playing the game until I beat it 5 times.....You don't believe me, do you? Fine. But I wouldn't be writing a walkthrough if I HAD used cheats.

Miscellaneous (These questions and answers don't fit anywhere else!)

Who has the coolest hairstyle in SM?
Ooo...that's a tough one...hmm. I think it's a tie between Shyna, Megido, and Grigg.

Why does Delia inhale soup through his nose...?
I don't know...maybe because his TV show is called Stock Sniffers? Yeah, I know. It IS pretty weird, but then again, Silhouette Mirage is a weird game!