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Site Questions

I typed in a URL wrong, and I found some stuff in your site directories. This stuff isn't on the site, though. How come?
If something's not on the site, there's probably a good reason for it. Don't worry too much about it.

How come you don't put your own screenshots on the site?
I'd like to, but I don't have anything that can get good screenshots. Pictures also take up a lot more space than text does. Besides, you can simply go on
Google and find quite a few sites with screenshots of the game.

What's the point of the Silliness section?
It's just a section with some silly and interesting things about Silhouette Mirage.

I like your site, but I think you could make an improvement to one part. Can I e-mail you a suggestion?
Feel free to do so, but don't count on anything being done right away, unless it's a broken link that needs fixing, or something like that. I really don't have much time to work on the site anymore, and updates won't be happening for some time.

Can I submit something for the site?
As of February 9, 2008, I'm no longer accepting fanworks. I have no place to put them right now, and not enough time to upload them.

But I really want to display my work/see the fanart that was here.
If you've got fanworks you want to show others, set up an account at DeviantArt or Or set up an account on an image hosting site and I'll put up a link to it. As for the work that used to be on the site, I lost a lot of it when I was trying out another webhost. The items I do have left won't be on the site again for a while, since I only have 20 MB of space, and well over 20 MB of fanwork.

Could you send me the fanwork you have?
I'm sorry, but no. I have no place to display the work on the site, and I've lost contact with some of the people who submitted things. This would put me in a bad position if someone decided to do something like take credit for the work, seeing as I'd have no way of proving the work wasn't theirs.

Will you let me host some stuff, give you some webspace, or run the site for you?
I appreciate the offers, but no. I don't like using other people's paid space unless I can pay them for it. I'm also not comfortable with letting others manage the site for me.

Will you let me help you manage the site?
Again, thanks for the offer, but no. I put a fair bit of work into the site, and I don't feel comfortable giving others access to it.

I'd like to see the site updated more often. You should let me manage it, or at least help you with it.
That's nice. Bye-bye.

How long has this site been up?
It's been up since February 5, 2001.

I found/made something related to Silhouette Mirage. Can you put up a link to it?
I will if it doesn't contain any inappropriate or adult content. If I find out a link I've posted contains this sort of stuff, I'll remove it.

Why don't you just put up a separate section for people over 18?
I could, but some people don't read those "18 & over only" or "NSFW" warnings. Then they end up getting offended, or getting in trouble. Therefore, I'm not putting up "adults only" links.

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Game Questions

Approximately how many hours of gameplay can you get out of the game?
It can vary. If you stop to read all the text and watch the cutscenes, clearing just one path in the game can take a few hours. If you're quick, one path can take an hour or less.

Why is this game so difficult?! I keep dying no matter what I do!
Most Treasure games do end up being quite hard at first. Silhouette Mirage also starts at its 2nd highest difficulty level, and you can't change this until you've completed all 5 paths in the game. I had to restart my game 2 or 3 times before I managed to fully complete it. All I can say is just keep playing, and you'll get better.

I used a few continues, and managed to complete a path. However, when I start another run through the game, I don't get my continues back. Why?
You get 9 continues total. That's it. If you use some on one playthrough, you don't get them back for your next one. Use them carefully!

I'm still having trouble. Can you help me?
I'd prefer it if you took a peek at the
walkthrough. However, if there's something there you didn't understand, I'll try to help you out. You might be waiting a few days for a response from me, though.

What's the point of the Status screen?
Until you clear all 5 paths in the game, its only function is to display Shyna's stats, a cute picture, and the number of paths you've cleared. Once you've cleared all 5 paths, the Status will be replaced with something else.

Are there any differences between the Hal disc and Megido disc, other than the pictures?
It's possible there are some slight diffrences. I'm still working on confirming this, though.

Are there any weird bugs or exploits in the game?
I've only come across one, and I've never been able to make it happen again. I somehow ended up with two Lv. 6 Rastis in my inventory. One of them didn't have a proper picture, though. It was blank, and simply displayed Lv. 6.

What are the best parasites to use?
It's really up to you. I prefer to use Surosa, Priday, and Envia at all times. They don't cost a lot, and are effective at draining spirit and inflicting damage.

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Other Questions

Will you come take a look at the Silhouette Mirage fanworks I've made?
Sure! I like seeing what other fans of the game have made. However, please don't link me to someone else's work and claim that you've made it. I don't like plagiarism, and will report it when possible.

Will you comment on/rate/favorite my work, too?

Why? It's easy to do, and I put a lot effort into what I made! Besides, you're already looking at the work!
If I want to leave comments and whatnot, it's my choice. Just because I looked at your work doesn't mean I HAVE to post a comment, rate it, or favorite it. Asking, begging, or pressuring me to leave feedback will not make me want to. I find that sort of thing selfish and tacky, and won't leave ANY feedback on a work, even if it's something I really liked.

Well! You're being very rude and inconsiderate.
I'm sorry you feel that way. Bye-bye.

Can I contact you through something other than e-mail?
If you have a
DeviantArt account, you can contact me here. I do have accounts for games and messaging programs, but I don't post them publicly. This is mainly to avoid spam. Feel free to ask for this stuff in an e-mail or DeviantArt note.

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