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Basic Information

This section contains the basic information on Silhouette Mirage (developer, rating, etc.) as well as a review.

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Developer: Treasure and ESP
Publisher: Working Designs and SPAZ
Approximate cost: $15 - $25
Number of Players: 1
Memory Card space: 1 block
Rating: E (Everyone)
Content: Mild animated violence, mild language
Peripherals: Analog support, Vibration function compatible, dual Memory Card support

Review of Silhouette Mirage

Silhouette Mirage is one of the best platformer/shooter games I've played! It's a nice mix of anime, RPG elements and a bit of Mega Man-like gameplay. If you like platformer/shooter games and anime, you should give SM a try!

Gameplay: The gameplay in SM is a little hard to master, but it makes the game really fun. You play as Shyna and you must use one of two attributes (Silhouette or Mirage) to defeat your enemies. To kill Silhouette enemies, you must use Mirage (red) and vice-versa. And in order to use an attribute, you must be facing a certain way. On top of all that, Shyna has a whole bunch of other moves to help defeat enemies. Some of these moves must be mastered (the Cash Bash must be mastered so you can get money to buy weapons and items) so you can get through the game. To get all the secrets in the game, you must beat it five times using only 9 continues. Yes, it does sound a little confusing at first, but the tutorial and instruction booklet are a big help. The more you play the game, the better you get at it.


Graphics: SM's graphics are 2D, but don't think this will make the game boring. The graphics may be 2D, but they are extremely colourful and packed with detail (you can even see different facial expressions on some of the characters when you are fighting them). The graphics are anime-like, too and some of the game's characters look pretty unusual. 2D games are a bit of a rarity on the PlayStation, so I think SM is a nice change from the 3D world of games.


Sound: The music is quite good and fits the game well (one minute, you could be walking around a quiet place, the next minute, the music gets loud and full of rhythm). If you like the music as much as I do, you can listen to the music from the game (except for the music from the opening and ending videos).

The voice acting in SM is quite good and fits the characters well. It is quite loud sometimes, but it is really helpful in determining what attacks bosses will do. But, if you don't like the voice acting (some people REALLY detest it), you can just mute the TV. I don't mind the voice acting. I think it makes the game more funny/enjoyable.


Overall: I think Silhouette Mirage is one of the best games on PlayStation. You should at least rent SM and give it a try. It's a very cool game!

Final Rating:5/5

Note: Silhouette Mirage needs a sequel! I've read some rumors about Treasure making sequels to some of their other games, so why not a sequel to SM?

Another note: Silhouette Mirage needs a sequel!