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A bunch of Silhouette Mirage websites for you to check out!

If you've found any mistakes on this page or any links that aren't listed, please let me know.

English Sites
Japanese Sites

English Sites

Silhouette Mirage Shrine
This site will no longer be updated. Please see the October 19, 2009 update.

Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope Shrine
A nice shrine that contains a walkthrough, screenshots, and other information about the PlayStation version of Silhouette Mirage!

Silhouette Mirage Selector
Find out which Silhouette Mirage character you're most like!

David F. Schwartz's Art on
A drawing of Dynamis. There's also artwork of Shyna and characters not from Silhouette Mirage.

Silhouette Mirage Fanfics on
A few short fanfics can be read here.

Absolute Anime
A neat story by Ken Innes IV! Contains info about his work on Silhouette Mirage.

SF Kosmo - Silhouette Mirage
An interesting comparison of the original Sega Saturn Silhouette Mirage to the PlayStation version!

Silhouette Mirage Wikipedia Article
A whole pile of information!

silmira-club on deviantART
A small collection of Silhouette Mirage fanart.
NOTE: This club will no longer be receiving updates, and is simply being kept for posterity.

Silhouette Mirage group on deviantART
This is the updated version of silmira-club, above.

Japanese Sites
All sites in this section are written mostly or completely in Japanese.

*PAST TOP Illustration*
Artwork of Shyna. The site contains links to art of other characters as well.

Artwork of Shyna. The BACK link at the bottom is a link to other artwork.

Two drawings of Shyna are in the top left box.

*Counter Request 4000*
Artwork of Shyna. There's other artwork on the site, as well.

NERIMA Explorer
Little Lego-like statues of Shyna!

A videogame fansite with some writing about Silhouette Mirage.

Silhouette Mirage (SS) VERY HARD
A Japanese walkthrough for the Sega Saturn game.

[Illust] OekakiBBS Game
Some cute artwork from various games. A drawing of Shyna is near the top.

Either information or a walkthrough on Silhouette Mirage.
A drawing of Shyna in a somewhat different outfit.

Some MIDIs from various games. There's a song from Silhouette Mirage. It's 3 down from the "7th Force"(Alien Soldier) download.