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Zohar's Attacks

If you're having trouble figuring out some of Zohar's attacks, here's a list of how to perform the attacks and what they do.

**This list may be incorrect.**

Metatron's Attacks

[] button: Single slash

Down + [] button twice: Double slash

Down + []: Downward slash

Up + []: Upward slash (can be used to juggle your opponent)

O: Spin attack; after activating this attack, press [] to charge

Left (or right) + O: Explosion Slash

Down + O: Explosion Stab

Up + O: Super Slash (mwa ha ha...)

Sandalphon's Attacks

[] button repeatedly: Fire gun -press [] faster to fire more shots (use the directional buttons to change the direction of the shots)

O button: Homing laser (use the directional buttons to change the direction of the shot)

Down, Up, []: Lightning Bolt (nice for ticking off your friends, hehehehe)

Down, down/right, right, [] OR Down, down/left, left, []: Charge

L2: Mines (press L2 again to fire a laser)

Shared Attacks/Abilities

Triangle button: Attribute Change

O button (while close to your opponent): Throw (use the directional buttons to throw in a different direction)

Hold X while moving: Fly faster

Tap any direction (up, left, etc) twice: Teleport

Down, down/right, right, right/up, up, X (must be entered quickly): Jump (you're pretty much invincible while in the air.)