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This is the music from SM that I've managed to get. I'd put MP3s up, but they take up WAY too much space. Hopefully, some nice MIDIs will do. If you've got one that you've sequenced, feel free to submit it to the e-mail address on the front page! If it's a MIDI YOU HAVEN'T sequenced, please don't submit it unless you get permission from the person who sequenced it.

The Silhouette Mirage music was composed by S. Murata and Kouji Yamada. These two people are just plain awesome! All the MIDIs here were sequenced by some very nice and awesome people. I appreciate the work that people put into the MIDIs they make. I'm still getting the hang of sequencing... ^^;

Cheerful Shyna -- MIDI sequenced by dw_junon

Night Flight -- MIDI sequenced by MaliceX

Night Flight (XG version) -- MIDI sequenced by MaliceX