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I don't know what any of this stuff means, so I decided to put it in this section. Maybe one day these things will be solved! Beware! There are spoilers on this page! Don't read anything in this section if you want to find out for yourself what happens in the game!

Odd Voice - On Track 20 of the SM disc, about 37 seconds into the song, a robotic voice starts talking in the background. It sounds like the voice is saying "Shyna" later in the song, too. I have no clue what else is being said, though.

Which City? - In the Restoration ending video, Shyna is walking around a city. Which city is it, though? Maybe Raqia?

The Shelter Rebuilt? - In the "bad" ending video, Shyna is shown standing outside a huge, round building. The building looks A LOT like the Shelter. If the building IS the Shelter, how can it still be there? Zohar destroyed the Shelter near the start of the game. If it's not the Shelter, which building is it?

**Mystery Solved?** (received from Chad Boden in an e-mail)
"...the answer to the question is (this from the manual) Araboth." This does make sense, seeing as the building Edo is in has a domed roof (where you fight Megido a 2nd time). Also, no matter which "bad" ending you get (with either Geluve or Megido as a final boss), Edo blows up, which probably causes a lot of damage to the building (hence the big crack in the one in the ending video).

On the beach - In the opening video, Shyna is shown sitting on a beach. Where is this beach, anyway? Maybe in Machonom?

Missing Sound Effects - For those of you who took the time to go through the game's sound effects, you'll notice that some of them don't appear in the game. There are extra taunts from some of the bosses in the game, as well as some voice acting that doesn't seem to fit ANY of the characters. These sound effects may have been omitted if some boss fights were removed from the game.

Two Disc Pictures - Most people have heard by now that there are two different disc pictures: one of Hal, one of Megido. Why was this done?

Two Game Versions? - Some people have noticed that when using the free Lv. 6 Surosa trick, it costs 100 life to do so; these people have said they own the Hal disc. I have the Megido disc, and the Lv. 6 Surosa trick doesn't take 100 life to do. Also, some people have reported that Delia carries 9999 credits in the Hal disc; he only carries 5000 in the Megido disc. Are there any other differences between the two discs?

The Warning - I found this picture while looking for Silhouette Mirage stuff. This picture obviously appears in the PlayStation version of Silhouette Mirage (notice the Push X/Push O info). I have not seen this picture appear at any point in the game, even after playing around with the special options. Even people with the Hal Disc have said they've never seen this picture. Maybe it was removed from the game?

Strange Song - Ed found this site and brought it to my attention. All the songs from the Silhouette Mirage sound track are here, including one called "Is There Room For Trial And Error." If you listen to this song, you'll notice that it doesn't appear at any point in the game. However, these songs are probably from the Japanese version of the game. Maybe the song was omitted from the North American release of Silhouette Mirage?

**Mystery Solved!**
A few small clips of the Saturn version of Silhouette Mirage were sent to me by Aethis. One of the clips shows the game tutorial, and the song is playing in the background. However, in the North American version of the game, the song "Atop Pauro's Castle" plays instead. I have no idea why the original song was omitted from the game.