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Some random items about Silhouette Mirage that don't fit anywhere else on the site. Enjoy!

NOTE: This section contains spoilers. If you haven't completed the game and want to find things out for yourself, do not continue. You've been warned.

Did You Know...

Did You Know...

...that Shyna's name has several variations, including Sinna, Sinner, and Shaina?
...that the lower part of Shyna's Silhouette wing is sometimes coloured light blue, when it's actually red in the game?
...that Shyna uses her hair to grab enemies?
...that the Reflector can be used to push enemies and "float?"
...that Shyna's eyes change colour during the opening video?
...that Shyna is sometimes depicted wearing Spectre and Polly Peeper earrings?

...that the parasites wreck buildings and parts of the ground in the opening video, but can't actually do this in the game?
...that Shyna uses up to 7 parasites at a time in the opening video, but can only carry 3 in the game?
...that Shyna is shown running the opening video, when she normally uses the wings on her hat to dash?
...that the Parasite Bomb has green energy in the opening video, instead of its normal pink or blue energy?
...that in the opening video, Shyna uses Envia like a sword, and even blocks some of Metatron's attacks with it?
...that Spectres carry baseball bats and fly swatters in the opening video, but only carry mallets and carboard signs in the game?

...there are no female characters in the game with just the Silhouette attribute?
...the loading screens were supposed to have animated characters, instead of just still images?
...the Tutorial originally had its own song, called "Is There Room for Trial and Error?" (Thanks to Ed for pointing out the song, and to Aethis for providing me with a video of the song's location in-game!)
...that there are 2 different disc pictures?
...that Zohar is shown wearing green gloves in the opening video?
...that a screenshot on the back of the game case shows a completely different version of The Reaper's stage?

...that Raqia is said to be uninhabited, but there are people living in one of the buildings?
...that sounds in the Tutorial are at a higher pitch?
...that the Reaper and Geluve were not in the original Sega Saturn game?
...that Hare Warez smokes, but his sprites were censored?
...that one of Hare Warez's portrait pictures was
very questionable, and was censored?
...that entire background layers were removed from some stages of the PlayStation game?

...that you can see Spectres climbing and falling off the cave walls in Shamain?
...that the Char Resize and Game Speed options can only be used if you push Start to access the Options menu?
...that the first screenshot on page 24 of the instruction book contains a machine from Vanguard Bandits?
...that you can see a tear in one of Shyna's eyes during one part of the opening video?
...that the parasites originally didn't consume spirit power when used?
...that in the first part of the "bad" ending video, Shyna's hair is positioned incorrectly?

...that even when the Mirage ("professor") side of Prinsdam is destroyed, it still comes to catch Shyna as she falls?
...that Sara's slot machine sometimes forces a "win" on you?
...that you can use some of the parasites to push and knock over the Polly Peeper mechs?
...that you can destroy the Attribute Gun's bullets before they're loaded in?
...that the last two areas of the game are called Zebul and Araboth in the instruction book, not Eruza and Edo?
...that Mirages and Silhouettes are supposed to hate each other, but Polly Peepers and Spectres will work together?

...that items are cheaper in the Sega Saturn version?
...that Geluve is the only Guardian Angel that has only 1 attribute (Mirage), yet can control both?
...that Prinsdam is the only Guardian Angel you don't directly fight?
...that Zohar is the only enemy in the game that can have his spirit power refilled by Shyna's attacks?
...that you can drain spirit power indefinitely from the Guardian Angels?
...that The Reaper's scythe has X III engraved on it?

...that Delia inhales soup through his nose?
...that Sandalphon, Geluve, Sara, and possibly Bug, are the only Mirages that have non-curly hair?
...that Delia is the only enemy to start out with an empty spirit bar?
...that you can slide further while dashing?
...Malak is the only enemy in the game that relies on you to pick his attribute?
...the game disc has 623 MB of content, and some of its music can be played on a CD player?

...that Shyna appears to be standing outside the Edo building in the "bad" ending? (Thanks to Chad Boden for pointing this out!)
...the Silhouette side of Shyna's outfit is blue in-game, but purple in the instruction manual and status screen picture?
...that Megido can use roses to restrain people in the opening video, but lacks such an ability in-game?
...that Hal's eyes have cross-hairs in the opening video?
...that damaging Edo's security system causes damage to Clod, making the final battle a little easier?
...that some of the Japanese voices and sounds were left in the Sound Test menu?

...that tears fall from Ha-/Za-Zohar's eyes during the battle?
...that when you fire Angara, Grattoni, or Rasti at Lv. 4 or above, you can see their faces and outlines somewhere in the projectiles?
...that Gargantuan crushes the Polly Peepers or Spectres it puts in its tank/stomach?
...that you can knock off a Polly Peeper's mask or the top of a Spectre's head if you don't inflict too much damage?
...that Delia drinks wine, files his nails, coughs, or even falls out of his seat during the battle with Samson?
...that Pablo's projectile attacks will take the form of his werewolf face, or his human face?

...that when you buy or sell parasites, there's a unique don't buy/don't sell response for each parasite?
...that Hare Warez gives you +30 spirit power whenever you buy something from him?
...that you can make Bug angry if you don't enter the final shop within a few seconds?
...that the roses Megido throws can instantly kill you?
...that if you stand by the junk pile Nardo gets buried under, Gehena will still identify him when you pause the game?
...Delia is the richest enemy in the game, but you can't take his money?

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Strange Voice
On Track 20 of the Silhouette Mirage PlayStation disc, a robotic-sounding voice can be heard about 37 seconds into the song. No idea who the voice belongs to, or what's being said. It does sound like Shyna's name is mentioned, though.

Unknown City
In the restoration ending of the game, Shyna is shown wandering around a city. No hints are given as to what city it is, but it seems to look like Raqia or Mathey.

The Beach
Shyna is shown sitting on a beach in one part of the opening video. There are no beach stages in-game. However, Machonom is near what looks like a lake or ocean, so it's possible this is where the beach is located.

Omitted Sound Effects
There are several English voice overs in the sound effects test that don't appear anywhere in the game. It's kind of easy to tell where they might have been used, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get them to play during the game.

Two Disc Pictures
Silhouette Mirage has 2 different discs: the Hal disc, and the Megido disc. Some people speculate this was done to make the game more collectible. It's also possible that they're two slightly different versions of the game. Some people with the Hal disc report losing 100 life when their last, non-Surosa parasite dies. I have the Megido disc, and haven't seen this happen. I was recently given a Hal disc, so I may get around to testing this theory at some point.

Warning Image
Some time ago, I came across
this image on Absolute Anime. It's obviously for the PlayStation game, seeing as the X and O buttons are mentioned. However, I've never seen this image in-game, even after activating the options. I've never heard of anyone else seeing it, either.

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Silhouette Mirage Quiz

A little quiz I wrote a few years ago. Use it to test your knowledge of the game!

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