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Silhouette Mirage Quiz

Pick an answer to each question, and then highlight the ** marked area for the answer! You might want to keep track of your score on a piece of paper (if I knew how to write Java Script, I'd use it for the quiz, but...). Some of the questions may be harder than others, and some might be VERY easy. A few of the questions may be spoilers, so don't get upset if you take this quiz before you've beaten the game. Good luck!

1. The first boss fight in Silhouette Mirage is with:
**Answer c)

2. Shyna's lifebar goes up to:
**Answer b)

3. ____ and ____ are brothers.
a)Delia and Samson
b)Nardo and Pablo
c)Hal and Megido
d)None of the above
**Answer c)

4. Zohar Sandalphon has the ____ Attribute.
d)She absorbs attribute energy from other attacks
**Answer b)

5. Dynamis is obsessed with:
**Answer a)

6. Zohar teleports into Shamain through a:
a)diamond-shaped portal
b)portal with a 5-pointed star on it
c)portal with a 6-pointed star on it
d)portal with a Z on it
**Answer b)

7. The small robot enemies appear:
a)Throughout the game
b)Only in Raqia
c)Only inside Prinsdam
d)In Raqia and Shehaqim
**Answer c)

8. Pablo morphs into a:
d)Box of chocolates
**Answer b)

9. Shyna Cash Bashes her eneimes with:
a)A stick
c)Her hat
d)Her hair
**Answer d)

10. Gehena scans enemies when:
a)The game is paused
b)Shyna's spirit meter is below 150
c)A boss fight starts
d)Both a) and c)
**Answer d)

11. Shyna calls Malak:
a)A yellow fuzzball
b)The smiley face from Hell
c)An overly happy idiot
d)None of the above
**Answer b)

12. A Parasite Bomb is performed by:
a)Pressing X + O
b)Pressing select
c)Pressing L2 + R2
d)Pressing up + O
**Answer c)

13. A Lv.6 Surosa costs:
a)600 credits
b)1200 credits
c)300 credits
d)950 credits
**Answer c)

14. Making a purchase at a shop will give you a bonus of:
a)+30 life
b)+100 credits
c)+30 spirit
d)-100 credits from next purchase
**Answer c)

15. You can sell a parasite for:
a)Half the original price
b)The original price
c)2 times the original price
d)A price of your choosing
**Answer a)

16. The boss with the most life is:
c)The Edo System
**Answer c)

17. You start with ___ continues.
**Answer d)

18. "Let me taste your power!" This quote belongs to:
b)The Reaper
**Answer b)

19. The character pictured on the SM disc is:
d) It can be either Hal or Megido
**Answer d)

20. "I will not lose to a waste like you!" This quote belongs to:
**Answer a)

21. In the instruction booklet, Eruza's "alternate" name is:
c)There is no alternate name
d)None of the above
**Answer b)

22. Whose picture is in the background of the Table of Contents page in the instruction booklet?
**Answer c)

23. "They are focused on one thing: the destruction of Shyna regardless of the cost to themselves or the world around them." This is ____'s character description.
a)Polly Peeper
b)Guardian Angels
d)None of the above
**Answer c)

24. What game preview is on the Silhouette Mirage disc?
a)Silhouette Mirage 2
b)Lunar 2
c)Rakugaki Showtime
d)Mischief Makers
**Answer b)

25. The Silhouette Mirage symbol has:
a)A Mirage wing on the top and a Silhouette wing on the bottom
b)A gold sphere in the middle
c)A Silhouette wing on the top and a Mirage wing on the bottom
d)Both b) and c)
**Answer d)

26. ____ recovers 1/3 of your spirit when purchased from Hare Warez.
d)No item does this
**Answer c)

27. When you've lowered an enemy's spirit power to a certain point:
a)The words "Power Down" appear above the enemy
b)The words "Spirit Down" appear above the enemy
c)The words "Level Down" appear above the enemy
d)The words "Rank Down" appear above the enemy
**Answer d)

28. Shyna's voice is performed by:
a)Katherine Kirk
b)Jackie Powers
c)Jennifer Stigile
d)None of the above
**Answer b)

29. When you fight Samson, what does Delia say to him occasionally?
a)Drive properly!
b)Get back in the car, imbicile!
c)Watch where you're driving, idiot!
d)Are you capable of doing anything properly?
**Answer c)

30. Track 3 on the Silhouette Mirage disc plays during which part(s) of the game?
a)During fights with Zohar
b)When you are in Raqia
c)When you fight the Reaper
d)While you are in Prinsdam
**Answer a)

31. The Shelter is destroyed by Hal. True or false?

32. Pablo carries 500 credits. True or false?

33. Shyna weighs 20 kg. True or false?

34. Track 24 on the SM disc is the song that plays at the credits. True or false?

35. There are 2 ending videos in Silhouette Mirage. True or false?

36. The title screen turns red when you've cleared all 5 paths. True or false?

37. Envia has pink wings. True or false?

38. Hal has 3 different dialogue pictures. True or false?

39. Bug is the only boss capable of teleporting. True or false?

40. You first see Megido in Raqia. True or false?

41. Polly Peepers sometimes hit you with boxing gloves. True or false?

42. Dynamis has blue eyes. True or false?

43. Megido ends up destroying the Edo system. True or false?

44. When you fight Nardo, the people in the building will sometimes throw refrigerators at you. True or false?

45. There are 3 bosses in the game that can use swords. True or false?

46. "Time to test your mettle!" This is one of Samson's quotes. True or false?

47. There are 2 bosses with red hair. True or false?

48. There are a total of 7 Silhouette (Silhouette attribute ONLY) bosses you fight in the game. True or false?

49. You fight a total of 4 "walkers" (the huge robots that the Polly Peepers will attack you with) in the game (not the Tutorial). True or false?

50. The box that Sara hides behind says "Time to win!" True or false?

51. Malak has a diamond on the end of his tail. True or false?

52. "You should find this...entertaining." This quote belongs to Delia. True or false?

These questions might be a little harder to answer. You might have to go looking through the instruction booklet, some other SM sites (check the Related Links section), or even this site for the answers.

B1. Shyna's Japanese name is:
a)Sinna Nera Sinner
b)Sinna Nera Sinna
c)Sinna Neutlarva Sinner
d)None of the above
**Answer c)

B2. Silhouette Mirage was originally for what system in Japan?
c)Nintendo 64
d)Sega Saturn
**Answer d)

B3. The options screen was in the Japanese version of Silhouette Mirage. True or false?

B4. The "Spectre" robot appears in Shamain if you beat Silhouette Mirage 10 times. True or false?

How You Did

Correct Answers:
0-10 - Maybe you should try again. :(
11-21 - You can do better than that. :[
22-32 - That was okay. :|
33-43 - Very good! :]
44-52 - Great! :)
Over 52 - I dub you: Silhouette Mirage master! :D