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This part of my site is just a bunch of silly stuff that's Silhouette Mirage related!

Are YOU Obsessed with Silhouette Mirage?
Just a little quiz I made up. In the words of The Reaper: "Just answer the questions, Messenger." Answer yes or no.

1. Can you beat SM over and over again without getting tired of it?
2. Do you sit and wish for a sequel?
3. Have you memorized most or all of the characters' quotes?
4. Have you memorized most or all of the dialogue?
5. Do you like drawing the SM characters?
6. Have you made something (a website, comic, etc.) that is SM related?
7. Do you wish that you had a costume like [SM character name here]'s so you could impress people?
8. Would you want to meet the people who did the voices of the characters?
9. Would you like to get every piece of SM merchandise that's out there?
10. Do you dream about SM?
11. Do you try to play the music from SM on a piano, keyboard, etc.?
12. Do you find yourself humming/singing the music from the game?
13. Have you rented SM for a week (or more) straight?
14. If you've purchased SM, is the disc scratched/smudged from being played too much?
15. Do you try and find every SM site that's on the net?
16. Have you irritated/angered people by constantly playing SM?
17. Have you convinced/forced some of your friends to buy a copy of SM?
18. Are you confident you'd get 80-100% on a quiz about SM?
19. Do you consider yourself an SM master?
20. Do you think you'd make a good SM character?

How you did (how many "yes" answers you have):
0-4: Do you play Silhouette Mirage that much?
5-9: Not too obsessed with Silhouette Mirage
10-14: You seem to like the game
15-19: You're pretty obsessed with the game
20:'re quite obsessed with Silhouette Mirage now, aren't you?

How Well Do You Know Silhouette Mirage?
Think you know SM? Take the quiz to find out how much you know!
To the quiz!

"Silly" Artwork
Here's a bunch of SM artwork with a silly/strange twist!

shyna-ppg.jpg - And once again, the day is saved, thanks to Shyna and the Powerpuff Girls!
File Size = 76 KB

shyna-ffportrait.jpg - Yay! Shyna can be a Final Fantasy character!
File Size = 44 KB

sm-pokemon.jpg - Pokemon + Silhouette Mirage = cool!
File Size=45 KB

shyna-soulblade.jpg - Shyna can be a Soul Blade character now! A Soul Blade character has 5 outfits, but I could only fit 3 on the page...
File Size= 71 KB

Yeah, yeah. Stop whining. I know I shouldn't be nit-picking about Silhouette Mirage, but I have to. And don't worry! It's nothing major...I hope.

Video Nit-Picks

1. In the opening video, the Silhouette wing on Shyna's hat is light blue underneath. It should be red.

2. Shyna's eyes are a bluish colour (even one red and one blue eye!) in some parts of the opening video. Her eyes should be red (or ruby, as it says in the status screen).

3. Shyna's parasites are shown blowing up the ground, buildings, enemies, etc.. The parasites don't cause that much damage in the game (they don't even take pieces out of the ground).

4. Speaking of parasites, Shyna is shown using more that 3 parasites in a row in the opening video (she even throws all 7 at some enemies!). Can't she only carry 3 at a time?

5. A Spectre is shown carrying a baseball bat and a fly swatter in the opening video. They only carry mallets and cardboard signs in the game.

6. Shyna is shown using a Parasite Bomb in the opening video. However, the energy from it is green. The Parasite Bomb in the game is either red/pink or blue.

7. Shyna is shown running in the opening video. In the game, Shyna doesn't run; she dashes using the wings on her hat.

8. SPOILER(??) Highlight past the ** mark to read. **In the first part of the "bad" ending video, Shyna's outfit and hair are reversed. Her curled hair should be on her Mirage side, not her Silhouette Side.

9. SPOILER(??) **In the credits of both ending videos, Keith Lack is listed as doing Sandalphon's voice, and Katherine Kirk is listed as doing Metatron's voice. Shouldn't these names be switched?

10. In the opening video, Zohar is shown wearing green gloves. Shouldn't his gloves be white?

11. In the opening video, when Shyna uses her parasites, lightning bolts fly all over the place. Yes, it looks cool, but that doesn't happen in the game.

12. In the opening video, Shyna uses Envia like a sword when she fights Metatron. She even blocks his attacks with Envia. Shyna can't do that in the game!

13. When Shyna fires Angara shots in the opening video, they're white. During the game, they glow pink or blue when they're fired.

14. At one point in the opening video, Shyna charges up a Mirage shot on her Silhouette side.

Game Nit-Picks

1. SPOILER (sort of) **Zohar Metatron blows up the Shelter in Shamain just by clenching his fist. Why can't he do anything like that during any other part of the game?

2. SPOILER! **When you control Zohar at the credits, enemies sometimes stop coming onto the screen. Also, some of Sandalphon's attacks are glitchy (mines don't work as well; the energy bolts disappear/reappear.)

3. If Raqia is uninhabited (according to the instruction booklet), why are there people living in one of the buildings? Why are there Polly Peepers and Spectres running all over the place? And how come 2 bosses appear to live there?

4. SPOILER! **When you go in the left side of Prinsdam (the "Professor") and blow that side up, it "regenerates" (the Professor side of Prinsdam appears instead of the "Surfer" head, even if you blew up the Professor head!).

5. SPOILER! **When Shyna meets Armageddon, there is some dialogue between them. Armageddon ends up saying "Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could combine the strength of the Mirages, and the intelligence of the Silhouettes?" Silhouettes and Mirages should be switched.

6. SPOILER(??) **How come Sara's slot machine seems to be out of control sometimes? It seems to make decisions all by itself.

7. The loading screen with Shyna's picture (the one where she's running forward. It's an image from near the start of the opening video.) is kind of messed up. The image should be reversed (Shyna CAN switch the sides her attributes are on, but normally, her Mirage side is on the right, and her Silhouette side is on the left.).

8. SPOILER! **When you're fighting Megido for the first time, you're battling him while you're on Prinsdam. How can Shyna and Megido run/jump/attack when Prinsdam is flying in loops? Wouldn't they fall to the ground if they jumped off of Prinsdam?

9. SPOILER! **After Metatron destroys the shelter, he transforms into Sandalphon and blasts the ground out from under Shyna. How come Sandalphon doesn't use that move again until she is Cypher Za-Zohar?

10. SPOILER(??) **When you fight Goliath, he'll sometimes chuck Spectres and Polly Peepers at you. How come the Spectres and Polly Peepers don't completely disappear from the top of the van? Do they teleport back after being chucked off the van?

11. On the back of the game box, there's a screenshot of Shyna fighting the Reaper. The area is VERY different, though. There are no platforms, the Reaper's chariot is standing in a corner by itself, and there are no life/spirit gauges.

12. Why are there no female Silhouette bosses in the game? Sure there are female bosses with 2 attributes, but there are NO females with just the Silhouette attribute.

13. A screenshot in the instruction booklet shows a save screen. It shows Card 1 and Card 2 where the Save and Don't Save options should be. This does not happen in the game. You have to use L1 or R1 in order to change cards.

14. Another screenshot on the game box shows Shyna fighting Pablo. Pablo has 800 credits in the picture. He only carries 400 in the game.

15. On the title page of the instruction book, Shyna has Spectre and Polly Peeper earrings on. She doesn't wear them at ANY point in the game, not even in the videos (Supposedly, this was some sort of reference to another game).

16. On the back page (and on page 10) of the instruction book, there is a picture of The Reaper. His outfit is torn near the bottom, but in the game, it's not torn.

Are YOU Obsessed with Silhouette Mirage? (Part 2)
I thought that first "quiz" might have been a little odd (some people may be obsessed with SM, but they can't answer some of the questions because they can't draw, don't want a character's costume, etc.). This isn't really a quiz, it's just a list of "symptoms" you might have if you're a big fan of SM.

You are/might be obsessed with Silhouette Mirage when:
-you play SM more than any other game
-you dream about playing SM/being in the SM world
-you convince/force your friends to buy SM
-you annoy/irritate/anger people by constantly playing/rambling on about SM
-you draw SM pictures quite a bit
-you quote something from SM that matches your mood
-you listen to SM's music while you're playing another game, drawing, etc.
-you try to find every SM website that's out there
-you want every piece of SM merchandise ever made
-you devote some/most of your time to making something SM related (website, comic, etc.)
-you name characters in other games after SM characters
-you want an SM character costume
-you want SM to have a sequel/prequel
-your score on my SM quiz (or any SM quiz) is more than 73%
-you want to wear one red plus one blue item every day
-you bookmark every SM website that you find on the net
-you can talk about SM for more than 5 minutes
-you make your own SM merchandise (posters, t-shirts, etc.)
-NOTHING, not even $100 or more, will make you give up your copy of SM

Little Details
This is a list of stuff you can see in Silhouette Mirage if you look hard enough.

In Shamain, you can see meteors falling from the sky. (I think it looks so cool! ^__^ )

In the underground part of Shamain, you can see Spectres climbing up the rocks in the background. They'll even slip and fall sometimes!

When you fight Polly Peepers, they'll sometimes throw grenades at you, and use their Reflectors. They hide behind the bottom part of their dresses to do this! Also, when they use their Reflectors, you can see their actual faces (they're skulls!).

When you're fighting Spectres and Polly Peepers, you can sometimes make them run away bawling (Spectres will lose the top part of their face, and Polly Peepers will lose their masks.).

Some of the various items thrown at you during the fight with Nardo: baseballs, soccer balls (?), refrigerators (gotta love the refrigerators!), cupboards, TVs, and bookshelves. If you want the people to throw things at you, just dodge Nardo's attacks, or attack him until he falls over. Either his constant yelling or his armor hitting the ground will wake everyone up.

When you fire Grattoni at a high level (4 or above), you can see Grattoni's outline appear! Firing Angara or Rasti has a similar effect. When you fire Rasti, you'll see his face appear in the shots; when you fire Angara, you'll throw grenades that look exactly like him (this goes for the mines, too).

When you're fighting Pablo, he'll sometimes fire blasts of energy from his hands. The energy looks like Pablo's human face! He also fires energy blasts that look like his werewolf face (scary.).

While you are fighting Samson, take a look at Delia every now and then. He will sometimes drink a glass of wine, file his nails, cough, or lean out of the car and yell at Samson (hehehe). If you go off a jump, he'll fall out of his seat (that's what you get for not wearing a seatbelt and acting like a snob! HA HA!)!

When you fight Delia, bubbles will start rising out of the soup. Delia inhales these bubbles through his nose (hence the TV show title "Stock Sniffers")! He'll also breath fire at you when his spirt meter is filled.

When you find Hare Warez's shop, you can see little music notes coming out of the music box he's holding. When you choose to buy/sell something, the small cart beside Hare Warez will open up and form the shop.

If you go to sell a parasite, there's a message you can select if you don't want to sell it. This message is different for each parasite. Even when you're buying parasites, there's a message you can choose if you don't want to buy one. Again, the message is different for each parasite.

SPOILER (sort of) **When you are fighting Cypher Ha/Za Zohar, he is crying.

SPOILER **After fighting Serah or Za Zohar, Bug will give you one last chance to shop. If you choose to shop and just stand there, you can make Bug angry! This final shop also contains every Lv.6 parasite!

Shyna uses her hair to throw/Cash Bash her enemies (some people miss this when they first try the game)!

SPOILER (sort of) **When you fight Gargantuan, he eats Spectres and Polly Peepers. If you watch his "stomach" (the glass chamber) after he eats 4 enemies, the enemies will get squashed (I feel sorry for them. :( ).

Mess Ups and Outtakes
What? You thought the SM characters NEVER messed up? *jaw drops* Maybe the following mess-ups/bloopers will change your mind!

[Grigg]: Ohhhhh, I feel yucky! BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!
[Shyna]: That was REALLY gross.
[Grigg]: An' I s'ppose ya think pukin's not?
[Shyna]: ...

[Sandalphon]: Have a nice trip! See you next fall! *click click*
[Shyna]: ...What are you doing?
[Sandalphon]: My gun's not working!
[Shyna]: Great...

[Shyna]: *jumps off the truck as it falls off a road in Raqia*
[Bug]: *thinks* Good...good!
[Shyna]: *misses the building she's supposed to land on* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *CRUNCH*
[Bug]: Darn, emm.

[Malak]: Blaa! Take this wretched thing and l- *cough COUGH*
[Spectre 1]: o_o;
[Malak]: *COUGH COUGH ulllllp*
[Spectre 2]: o_o;;
[Shyna]: He swallowed the transporter, didn't he?
[Spectre 2]: *nods*
[Shyna]: Dang it!

[Samson]: *sticks his head out the limosine window*
[Shyna]: ...
[Samson]: Ungh.
[Shyna]: *whisper* You're supposed to break through the roof!
[Samson]: Ungh!
[Shyna]: *whisper* Come on!
[Samson]: UNGH!
[Delia]: Oh dear lord, the scene is ruined now, just tell us what's wrong!
[Shyna]: ...Ohhh. 0.o

[Hal]: The core is approaching meltdown, and you have a date inside with an old friend of yours. Farewell.
[Sandalphon]: *flies in too high above Shyna, goes right past her, and slams into the wall at the end of the room* AAHHHHHHHH! *CRUNCH SMASH CRUNCH BANG*
[Shyna]: Ooo..that's gotta hurt. >_o;

[Hal]: Ah, my brain-dead Dynamis. Your target is the little one with the funny hat. Chase and delete her.
[Dynamis]: ...
[Hal]: *whisper* What are you doing?!
[Dynamis]: ZzZzZzZzZz
[Hal]: Nevermind... >_<;

[Shyna & Bug]: *look up at the star-shaped portal that appears*
[Portal]: *disappears*
[Bug]: Huh?
[Metatron]: *teleports in*
[Shyna]: Um...a little late, aren't you? :P
[Metatron]: Quit rubbing it in. I KNOW I screwed up!

[Metatron]: *clenches his fist and makes some of the ground underneath Shyna blow up*
[Shyna]: *jumps 20 feet into the air* ACK! 0_0
[Bug & Metatron]: HAHAHAH!
[Shyna]: HEY! That wasn't funny!
[Metatron]: Can't you take a joke? 0 :)
[Shyna]: Can YOU TWO take a joke?
[Bug]: Of course, emm.
[Shyna]: Good! *blasts Bug and Metatron with Surosa shots*
[Bug & Metatron]: OW! OWW! THAT'S NOT FUNNY!
[Shyna]: Sure it is! 0 :)

[Nardo]: *yells and charges Judgement Blade*
[People in the building]: ARRRGH! *chuck various objects at Nardo*
*a pile of objects forms beside Nardo*
[Shyna]: Aim to the right!
[People]: WE DID!
[Shyna]: Oops...I meant my right! So, aim to your left! ^_^;;
[People]: ARRRRRRGH! *chuck various objects at Shyna*

How Old ARE the SM Characters?
I don't know! Well, there's nothing wrong with guessing, is there? It'd be kinda nice to know exactly how old the characters are.

-I'd say Shyna's 19 (maybe older). Yes, she looks like (and sort of sounds like) a little kid, but do you think the people who designed Shyna (in the game) wanted a kid saving the world (well, maybe if she was a Powerpuff Girl...)? I doubt Shyna's over 20; she acts a little immature sometimes, and she doesn't have a "huge" vocabulary like the other characters (compare her dialogue to Zohar's!).

-Bug is probably the same age as Shyna. He also looks like a little kid, but I doubt Hal would allow children to fight in his army (well, Dynamis is SORT OF a child...).

-Zohar's probably 20 (maybe older). Zohar doesn't look like a child, even though he's short. And I doubt a child would be able to use a sword and a gun very well.

-Both Hal and Megido are probably 28-29. They're probably 2 of the oldest SM characters.

-Grigg is probably 19. Have many people over 19 acted like that?

-Goliath might be 30 (maybe younger). He doesn't sound very young, but maybe that's the steroids kicking in.

-Nardo is probably about 25 (maybe older). It's kinda hard to tell.

Pablo is probably 9 or 10. He's one of the youngest characters in SM.

Sara is probably about 22 (maybe older). She's not that old by the sound of her voice.

Delia is probably around Sara's age. He doesn't look very old.

The Reaper probably has a weird age. I'd say he's over 500.

Dynamis is probably 6. She's not very old (look at her face!), and she sounds a lot like a child.

Malak's probably the same age as Dynamis. He sounds like a child, too.

Geluve might be the same age as Shyna. Geluve looks about the same age as Shyna, even though Shyna's shorter.

Unanswered Questions About SM
I wonder if anyone else out there asks these questions about SM? Good thing people out there write fanfics that might answer some of these questions! See? SM NEEDS A SEQUEL (or a prequel)!! *Note: Most of these questions are spoilers, so you'll have to highlight past the ** marks to read them!

**Why does Hal say he'll delete Delia's "precious Serah?" Are Serah and Delia related? This question is answered: According to Mei, in the Japanese version of SM, Delia and Serah were married at some point (!).

**Why does Armageddon say "If only...Sis..." before he teleports away? Are he and Shyna related?

**Bug mentions something about Hal's experiments exceeding Tetra. What does "exceed Tetra" mean? Is there another attribute?

Things that Remind Me of SM
Ever seen something that isn't SM related, but it reminds you of SM in some way? Well, here's a list of things that do that to me!

Solca and Karmyla from Forever Kingdom (PS2). Solca = blue, and Karmyla = red.

The Powerpuff Girls (TV Show). They have the colours of all the attributes in SM (red, blue, green), and they sort of resemble Shyna (big eyes, short, etc.)

Lost Number from Final Fantasy 7 (PS). He has a red side, AND a blue side (maybe him and Shyna are related?)!

Kazuya from Tekken games (PS and PS2). His suit and hairstyle resemble Megido's a little.

Summon (red), Support (blue), and Magic (green) materia from Final Fantasy 7.

One of the enemies from Sailor Moon S (Or Super S? Well, it's the series where Rini meets Hotaru...) (TV Show). I can't remember the name of the enemy, but she could split into red and blue forms.

The lights on the PS2 (red, green, and blue).

Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy 9. They're short, one's red, one's blue, they have strange outfits...they're PERFECT SM characters!

Hack and Slash from ReBoot (TV show). They're red and blue!

The Angara River. Yes, there is such a thing as the Angara River! It's in Siberia.

Silhouette yogurt, and Nestle Mirage chocolate bars.

Tingle from The Legend of Zelda games. He looks like Bug.

Duke Red from the movie Metropolis. He looks A LOT like Megido.