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Game Spoilers


Yes, I know that's a little overboard on a warning, but I know that there are some people who like to find things out for themselves. It's not that good buying a game and then finding out about all the secret stuff in it before you even get a chance to play the game!


Game Options

If you're not quite sure how to work the options or you want to know what they do, this is the place to look.

To get the options to work, load up the completed game (all 5 paths finished) and set the options the way you want them. You then have to select "New Game" from the title screen to activate the options. Here's a list of the options and what they do:

Difficulty: You can set how difficult the game will be. You can pick from these difficulties (from easiest to hardest):

Baby, Wussy, Normal, Stud, Super Stud

Shop Items: This option can be set to Normal or Loaded. Setting it to Loaded will give you unlimited money and every weapon at every level can be bought at any shop.

Stage Select: Well, what do you think this is? Be careful, though. This is exactly like starting a new game right from the start. You only get 100 credits and the Lv.1 Surosa, no matter what stage you pick. You should combine this with Loaded Shop Items.

S.E. Test: You can listen to all the sound effects and voice overs in the game! Use the left/right buttons on the control pad to pick a sound number and the L1 and R1 buttons to pick the stage. I'll try and get a S.E. list here soon.

**Special Options: Game Speed and Char Resize
These options ARE accessible if you push start to access the options menu.

Char Resize: To change Shyna's size, hold R2, and then tap (or hold) up or down. Down makes Shyna smaller, and up makes Shyna bigger. Don't make Shyna too small, or else you won't be able to fire your weapons or move very fast. Don't make Shyna too big, either, or else you might get stuck. If you DO get stuck, just make Shyna smaller so she can move again.
Game Speed: This has GOT to be the most hilarious option! Set it to "Hyper," and watch the game go like it's on sugar! Careful! EVERYTHING (from enemies to attacks) moves like 800 times faster (The Lv.6 Surosa is MUCH more fun now, hehehe!). It's also a little harder to maneuver Shyna; she loses height from her jump, and her Crouch Dash is useless.

Secret Mode

This will replace the Status item on the title screen. If you select it, you will get to play Super Core Fighter II, which is a small fighting game for 2 players (YAAAY!). Player one controls Shyna and player two controls Zohar.

The object of the game is different for each character: Shyna must either KO Zohar or reduce his health to 50 or below within 2 minutes; Zohar must KO Shyna or have above 50 health when time runs out.

Both of the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Try to get used to both of the characters; this will help you with winning some of the battles. Here's some info on the strengths and weaknesses of both characters:

Shyna: Shyna is pretty good for Super Core Fighter II. She is fairly easy to manuever and she is able to reflect Zohar's attacks. Shyna has some pretty good parasites (Surosa, Cavitas and Grattoni) in her inventory and they are all long range; however, they are only at Lv.1 and don't do a huge amount of damage. This isn't too bad, though, since Shyna can use the Crouch Dash which will inflict more damage than the parasites. Shyna can also slow Zohar down with a throw/punch which gives her a chance to attack.

Shyna does have some disadvantages, though. Although she has 3 parasites, Shyna's spirit meter slowly depletes and it can't be recharged. Once the spirit meter reaches 0, it stays at 0 since Zohar's spirit can't be drained and the parasites won't die (which would normally refill the spirit meter). When Shyna's spirit is low, her shots won't travel as far, her Reflector's size is reduced and her Crouch Dash isn't as effective. Shyna's Parasite Bomb can't really be used, either; by the time it's activated, Zohar can change attributes and get a HUGE boost to his spirit meter.

Zohar: Zohar is quite strong and has a wide range of attacks. He has a bit of an advantage over Shyna since he is able to fly, teleport and absorb same-attribute shots. Zohar Sandalphon is probably a little more effective than Zohar Metatron as her attacks are somewhat harder to dodge. Sandalphon can also use a lightning bolt-like attack; this attack will follow Zohar around for a bit, no matter which attribute is being used. If you have Sandalphon use 3 lightning bolts and then change into Metatron, you can really confuse the other player and inflict quite a bit of damage.

Even though Zohar is quite strong, he has a few disadvantages. Zohar can be quite hard to maneuver at times and most of his attacks are motion-based. Some of Sandalphon's moves can be quite hard to use since you need to move the control pad in various ways; this can leave you vulnerable to an attack if you miss a button in a sequence. Zohar is also extremely weak against Cavitas; a Cavitas shot will follow Zohar, even if he teleports. When the shot hits, Zohar will almost ALWAYS be knocked down, which means Shyna can attack him easily. It is possible for Zohar to avoid the shot, but it is somewhat difficult to do.