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Game Tips

Having a little trouble beating Silhouette Mirage? Well, here are some tips that might help you out! There's also some stuff that doesn't really help you in beating the game, but it is fun to try it out!

General Tips

1: ALWAYS carry at least 200-300 credits.

2: Use your continues wisely. Let's say you've saved your game and then you get killed by the next boss. Just scream at the top of your lungs, slam your fist into the floor and chuck the controller at the screen. Actually, you can just reset the game and try again from your last save.

3: If your health and spirit are at a critical level, get to a shop as soon as possible.

4: DO NOT get careless when fighting bosses. If they trap you in a corner, they'll either kill you or drain your spirit at an alarming rate (a good example of a boss like this is Faust).


6: If you fight the Reaper on the first path, you'll automatically clear 2 of 5 paths in the game.

Easier Ways to get Money

Getting money can be really tough when there's a group of enemies in an area. You can follow these tips so you can get loads of money easily!

1: Drain spirit from all enemies so they can only use close range attacks.

2: Grab an enemy and isolate it. How do you isolate it? Just punch it away from the group or toss it on to a high platform (if there are any platforms around).

3: Go after the enemy you isolated, take its money, then kill it. You may need to be quick because sometimes the rest of the group will follow you.

4: Repeat these steps as often as needed.

Dialogue Change

At some points in the game, you can slightly change some of the dialogue. Here's where you can change it:

-When fighting Zohar, defeat either Sandalphon or Metatron. The dialogue after the battle will be altered slightly, depending on who you beat. This will also affect which name Zohar will get if you fight him in his morphed form (The name will be either Cypher-Za Zohar or Cypher-Ha Zohar).

-Pablo can be defeated in 3 ways (Note: to knock down the background, use the Grand Slam on Pablo. You can also use the Tactical Toss, but it takes a longer time than the Grand Slam.):

  • Beat Pablo without knocking down the background.
  • Knock the background down and defeat Pablo once the background is fixed.
  • Knock the background down and defeat Pablo before it is fixed.

    -Sara's ending dialogue will be different depending on who you beat in the 2nd fight with Zohar.

    -Depending on which direction you take when you meet Prinsdam, his dialogue will be different.

    -The ending dialogue will be different depending on which choice you make at the end.


    These are some little tricks you can do in Silhouette Mirage.

    Put different music into Silhouette Mirage
    Just a warning: Do NOT use any CDs that have "data tracks" on them (if you put a disc into a CD player, some of the tracks will have NO music on them. These are data tracks.); . You should also remove any Memory Cards that are in the memory card slots. I have tried this trick before, and it works. If you try this trick, you do so at your own risk.

    To have different music play in Silhouette Mirage, just pause the game, and open the PlayStation. Take the SM disc out, put in a music CD, then close the PlayStation. Unpause the game, and the music on the CD should play. You'll have to put the SM disc back in the PlayStation occasionally so you can continue going in the levels. You should also put the SM disc back in the PlayStation before you get to any loading screens or reset the game.

    Free Lv.6 Surosa
    This trick will not work if the only weapon in your inventory is the Lv.6 Surosa.

    During the final 2 boss battles, it's possible to get a free Lv.6 Surosa during each fight if you use up your other weapons. If you have Surosa (any level) in your inventory, equip him immediately. Once Surosa dies, use your remaining parasites. Once they die, you will get a Lv.6 Surosa added to your inventory, and your spirit energy will be fully restored. If you don't have Surosa in your inventory, then just use the parasites you have.

    Warning: Using this trick may cost you 100 life.