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April 23, 2018: It's still alive, and so am I. The site's over 17 years old now. The files sure LOOK 17 years old! Eugh. Still, I can work with them. Minor work, anyway. What a mess! A fun mess, but still a mess!

Nothing much to report. I'm going to see about doing some minor changes and link cleanups again. I tweaked the FAQ, and will be fixing it up a little more. Like, in a few days, not years.

In the time I've been gone, Treasure Inc. released Ikaruga on Steam. Let's hope they'll release some other games there, because they have so many awesome ones. Yes, there are more on XBox Live, but I don't want to buy any XBox stuff. Treasure DID release Silhouette Mirage on the Japanese PSN store, however! And for $6! That's pretty awesome.

Anyways, that's it for now. See yous.

September 9, 2011: Okay, there's a lot of dust here! I guess 21 months will do that. Well, 21 fun, insane, crazy months. Good grief.

I had a small heart problem that got fixed last year in February. I've had the problem since high school, and it'd make my heart go into ZOOOOOM mode (150+ BPM at rest!). It only happened once, maybe twice a year, and sometimes I could stop the "attacks" on my own (i.e. no hospital trip for heart-slowing shots). It wasn't much of a problem until I went to visit my (then) fiance in 2009, at which point I had 1 attack or more per month. After getting home and waiting until February 2010, I got to go for an ablation procedure and voila. Haven't had an attack since. If you're curious, Google what an ablation is. I've got a weak stomach for describing that stuff.

After another wait (and lots of planning), I got married! Marriage isn't so bad; there's extra laundry to do and fewer "I/Me" decisions. The only problem is I can't stay with my husband for too long; I have to go back to where I live in January, and then we have to do immigration paperwork. Papers and changes and fees...oh my! The forms I've looked at aren't really hard to fill out, just tedious. Why's the illegal route so much easier for some things? :P

As for site work, well...yeah, it hasn't happened. I don't have my backups with me right now; they're at home, safe and sound. Maybe at some point I'll do some more work on the site. I say that a lot, don't I? Sorry... I DO need to take a look at some things here, though. For now, I took care of some Silhouette Mirage goodness elsewhere. DeviantArt implemented a group system, so I started up a Silhouette Mirage group on DA. I did help take care of a club there, but it was basically a separate account. It was a bit annoying having to login to one account, then logout so I could login to the club account. The group system is a lot better. There are a lot of fun groups on DA; I need to join more of them!

Well, that was a fair bit of rambling. See you around.

December 8, 2009: I fixed a few broken links, and made a bigger, more organized FAQ.

I decided to make some changes to the Silliness and Mysteries sections. They're now merged together under the Miscellaneous Fun section. I removed some things and kept others, and made the page a little easier to navigate (I hope). I think I'll work on tidying up the walkthrough next, and start messing around with the Hal disc I got. It's been a LONG while since I've actually played Silhouette Mirage, so I'm probably going to do pretty badly.

That's all for today. If you find anything wrong on the site, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks! :)

October 19, 2009: Okay, I guess I'm full of poo-poo. End of Updates was a poor choice of words. Though, I did say it would be a while before I updated again, and it's been quite a while. Well over a year! Whoops...!

I didn't really plan on updating soon, but after a post in my guestbook, I figured I'd come by and check on things. A thank you goes out to Robert for the post he left that was a much needed boot in the bum. I'd also like to thank him for making an "archive" of my site, and for the nice words. And I apologize for not checking the guestbook sooner. No worries about me forgetting about my site or Tripod taking it down, though. I've got everything backed up, including this page. If Tripod does remove the site, I'll make sure I find somewhere else to host it. I discovered the wonderful thing known as FTP, so uploading the entire site somewhere else will be MUCH less painful!

Anyway, I'm going to do some cleanup on the site, and add info where needed. I've got some extra time on my hands right now, so there's no excuse for not fixing things up a bit (darned videogames...). There's a fair bit of outdated stuff floating around the site, and I have a few things bookmarked that I'd like to add. Feel free to poke around the site and find out what's been added!

On a sadder note, one of the sites in the Links section will no longer be receiving updates. Ana Leistner (aka Prismix, phantom-mint), author of the Reality Unknown Silhouette Mirage Shrine, passed away in January, 2008. Unfortunately, I didn't find out until earlier this year, and didn't get around to posting this info until now. After the "Tripod free accounts being deleted" scare, I'm wondering if anyone is looking after the site for her. She also had some great Silhouette Mirage fanart, but I can no longer find any of it, since she shut down her DeviantArt page a while back. If anyone knows if her site is being looked after and if her art is still available somewhere, please let me know. Thanks Ana, for sharing your art with people, creating a neat little Sil Mira shrine, and for linking to my own. You'll be greatly missed.

That's all for now. And again, thanks for visiting.

February 9, 2008: As you've probably noticed, it's been quite a while since an update was done. It's hard to find time to work on the site, since I'm busy with other things. This will be the last update I do for a while.

I'm no longer putting fanworks on the site. I'd like to, but I just don't have the time, or the space. Free web hosting just won't cut it when it comes to image, video, and music files. The free hosts I've looked at either don't offer enough space, don't allow "image galleries," or just don't work properly. Fanfics and other written works are fun to read, but can be a pain to set up with HTML, especially if they're a few pages long. Some people don't always take the time to proofread their works, either, and that can make things even more difficult. If I get some paid webspace one day, I'll try to make some room for fanworks.

The forum is going to be shut down. It's really not active, and I don't have the time to manage it. I'd put someone else in charge, but I don't know how to, and I don't feel comfortable with the idea.

Some people have offered to help me out, either with some of their own webspace, or using their own time to work on the site for me. I appreciate the offers, but I have to turn them down. I don't want to take a large chunk of webspace someone else is paying for, especially if I can't easily pay them; it makes me feel like a mooch. I'd rather not have someone else working on the site for me, either. I put a fair bit of time into it, and I don't feel comfortable letting someone else start to work on it. Sorry if that sounds crazy, but it's how I feel.

That's about it, I guess. Thank you for visiting. :)