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Silhouette Mirage Walkthrough

Yes, this is a walkthrough for Silhouette Mirage! If you're having trouble getting through the game's 5 paths, this walkthrough might help you out. This could be counted as a spoiler, so if you want to beat the game yourself, don't read the walkthrough.

Please e-mail me if you want to use this walkthrough on another site.

Game Controls

Control pad:
Move character, aim weapon

Press left or right twice:
Dash. You can climb some walls while dashing.

Press down twice:
Crouch. You can move and climb some walls while crouching. Press up twice to get up, or you can just push X or O.

Press left or right twice while crouching:
Crouch Dash. You can damage enemies a little and lower their spirit (you can't replenish your spirit with the Crouch Dash).

X button:
Jump. You can triple jump if you push X 3 times.

Down + X:
Slide. You can slide further while dashing.

[] button:
Fire weapon. Some weapons require you to hold the [] button down (e.g. Envia, Cavitas, Grattoni)
The weapons can be used for attacking, or draining spirit.

Attacking: Use the opposite attribute of your enemies to damage them. For example, you damage a Mirage enemy by using Silhouette shots.

Draining sprit: Use the same attribute as your enemy to drain its spirit. For example, you drain a Mirage enemy's spirit by using Mirage shots.

L1 or R1:
Change weapon.

O button:
Reflector (!!!). Use this to deflect enemy shots and to "float" in the air. The Reflector can also be used to push enemies across the screen, but I'm not sure how this works.

O button when close to an enemy:
Grudge Grab. Grab an enemy and then you can perform the following moves (Note: None of the throws/tosses do any damage):

Cash Bash: Press O repeatedly to steal money from your enemies. You can also hold the button down, then release it, for a stronger punch that steals more money.

Power Punch: Left or right + O. Punch an enemy across the screen.

Tactical Toss: Up + O. Toss an enemy in the air.

Grand Slam: Down + O. Slam an enemy into the ground.

Samurai Sling: L2 or R2. Flip over the enemy and face the opposite way.

Triangle button:
Attribute change. This is probably one of the most useless moves in the game. It takes 100 spirit to use and all it does is switch the sides your attributes are on (e.g. If your Mirage attribute was on the right, it would now be on the left)

L2 + R2:
Parasite Bomb. This attack consumes 100 spirit and fires all the weapons you are carrying in a long-range, circular pattern.

A few notes:

  • The "Recommended Parasites" part of the boss sections are parasites that will make a boss fight slightly easier. This doesn't mean you HAVE to use these parasites; you can if you want to, but don't go wasting money on parasites you don't need (or like using). If you can kick butt just using Surosa, then stick with Surosa!

  • The Tutorial section appears only ONE TIME per game. Once you finish the Tutorial and save your game, the only way you can try the Tutorial again is by starting a new game. You won't need to save the new game; you can just select New Game from the title screen and you'll start at the Tutorial again. If you don't want to save a new game, just use the soft reset feature (press L1, L2, R1, R2, start and select at the same time.) to go back to the title screen. You probably won't need to go to the Tutorial a second time, but you never know when you'll need to sharpen your skills (like when you haven't played Silhouette Mirage for a few months. o_o" )

  • Before purchasing a Lv.6 weapon at a shop, be sure you have enough money and be sure you actually want the weapon. Don't go and buy a Lv.6 Angara when you know you don't like using Angara. And don't buy a Lv.6 Priday when it'll prevent you from buying Mana that you may need.

    Start of the Game: The Tutorial

    You start the game off in a training program. Shyna and Gehena are introduced and you get the choice of trying the tutorial or skipping it. If you are new to SM, I strongly recommend taking the tutorial. Practice the moves as much as you want until you are familiar with the controls. After you are done, Gehena gives you 100 credits and says the Shelter is being attacked. Time to go outside!

    ***SAVE POINT***

    Area 1: Shamain

    Section 1
    Bosses: 0
    Secret Items: 0

    **CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

    A group of Polly Peepers is just sitting around and their leader gets them to start attacking the shelter. Shyna comes out on an elevator, but some meteors destroy it in a few seconds. A piece of the elevator crashes into the ground and the Polly Peeper leader is thrown into the air. Shyna lands on the ground and the level starts.

    After the cut scene, Gehena will tell you how to defeat Mirage enemies. After that, the Polly Peepers in the background will start tossing grenades at you. Just keep your eye on the background, watch where they throw the grenades and stay away from where they will land. Eventually, one or two Polly Peepers will come to where you are. Drain their spirit, take their money and then get rid of them. You should start saving up at least 300 credits because the Lv. 6 Surosa is in Section 2 of Shamain. After you get rid of the Polly Peepers, more grenades will be tossed at you and a couple more Polly Peepers will come into the area. Just repeat what you did before. The Polly Peepers will run away eventually and you'll be able to proceed to the right.

    Dash up the wall and you will see some Polly Peepers with machine guns on the left. Take their money and get rid of them. Continue going up and you will eventually come to a shop. If your health and spirit aren't that low, don't bother buying anything; try to save your money so you can buy the Lv.6 Surosa. If you don't want the Lv.6 Surosa, then don't worry about getting 300 credits.

    As soon as you proceed past the shop, there'll be a group of Polly Peepers tossing grenades at you. Immediately activate the Reflector to bounce the grenades back at the group. Take the money if you want it, and then get rid of them.

    After you are done, proceed to the right. There's a group of Polly Peepers trying desperately to run from Shyna, but they get knocked back by a walker. The Polly Peepers start cheering, but then another walker jumps in and causes the ground to collapse. Shyna and one of the walkers fall underground.

    ***SAVE POINT***

    Section 2
    Bosses: 1
    Secret Items: Lv.6 Surosa (300 credits)

    Shyna and the walker land in an underground cave. Shyna runs from the walker for a short time and then it gets smashed by a spiked log. Some Spectres come out of hiding and then Gehena tells you how to defeat Silhouette enemies. The Spectres will jump out from behind the rocks and you'll have to fight them. Drain their spirit, take their money, then get rid of them.

    When you are done, dash up the wall on the right. Be careful when you get to the upper area; There's a group of Spectres that will almost immediately start attacking you. Just drain their spirit and take their money BEFORE you go jump off at the right. If you accidentally jump off, you can easily dash back up. However, the group of Spectres will regenerate if you jump down. This is a good thing, though. You can get quite a bit of money from this group. I have managed to get 700 or more credits from this area alone.

    Once you have gotten the amount of money you want, go back to the left. If you dash up the left wall, you'll eventually come to the secret shop with the Lv. 6 Surosa (you have to keep scrolling up through the inventory). If you have 300 or more credits, I strongly suggest that you buy it. The Lv. 6 Surosa is a GREAT weapon.

    When you are done, jump down to the right. Take money from the Spectres on the ledges if you want, and keep going down. There's a Spectre and a spiked log at the bottom part of the area. Keep going to the right and dash up the wall. There's some Spectres on the left as you go up. Buy anything you need at the shop because there's a boss coming up shortly.

    Continue going up until you can't go any further. Be careful, because a group of Spectres will come in from the ceiling and try to drop bombs on you. Drain their spirit, take their money and then get rid of them. When you are finished, go to the right. Shyna jumps down to another area and sees some Spectres on a spiked log. Grigg jumps in and there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna before you have to fight him.

    Boss 1: Grigg

    Attribute: Silhouette
    Attacks: Hair Boomerang, Fire Breath, Tongue, Spiked Log, Puke, Headbutt
    Most Lethal Attacks: Hair Boomerang, Tongue
    Special Abilities: Jump
    Recommended Parasites: Any long-range parasite(s) at any level

    When you start the battle, be extremely careful if your Mirage side is facing Grigg! He may use one of his lethal attacks and they are capable of killing you very quickly (the Tongue attack can kill you in one hit). You shouldn't really bother trying to take Grigg's money, either; you'll have to get up close to Grigg to take his money and this means that his attacks will have a greater chance of hitting you (something you don't want).

    Triple jump over Grigg while firing at him as soon as the battle starts (if your Silhouette side is facing Grigg, you won't need to do this. Just fire at him and start draining his spirit). Grigg's attacks are fairly easy to reflect, so just be ready to use the Reflector if Grigg is going to use an attack. When Grigg jumps onto the spiked log, immediately jump down into the small pit at the right; you will avoid being hit by the spiked log. When the log stops moving, be careful because Grigg may try to puke on you (gross!!). This attack can be reflected to do some damage to Grigg. Just keep dodging/reflecting Grigg's attacks back at him, drain his spirit and life and the battle will be over pretty quickly. If you managed to get the Lv.6 Surosa, you'll probably be done the battle in less than 2 minutes.

    You shouldn't stand toe-to-toe with Grigg. He will headbutt you if you get too close to him. It doesn't do much damage, even if Grigg uses it a few times.

    After you defeat Grigg, you'll have to fight a walker. Gehena will quickly tell you how to fight enemies with the Normal attribute and then you're on your own. Just reflect the walkers shots and you will be done in no time. If you have the Lv.6 Surosa, you can "push" the walker off of the ledge and drain about half its health. All you have to do is jump up on the ledge and get behind the walker, then start firing at it. When you are done, it's on to the next section!

    ***SAVE POINT***

    Section 3
    Bosses: 1
    Secret Items: Lv.6 Priday (950 credits)

    This isn't much of a level since it's very small. Before you follow the Polly Peepers, dash and triple jump over the pit on the left; there is a shop on the left side that has the Lv.6 Priday. If you don't have the money, it doesn't matter; you can still buy some healing items here if you need them.

    After you're done at the shop, jump into the pit. Bug will appear and there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna. After that, you'll have to fight Bug.

    Boss 2: Bug

    Attribute: Mirage
    Attacks: Summon, Avalanche, Battleship, Energy Spring
    Most Lethal Attacks: Avalanche, Battleship, Energy Spring
    Special Abilities: Fly, Teleport
    Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level)

    Bug is probably the easiest boss in the game! He only has 4 attacks and they are all pretty easy to dodge. Bug has 100 credits that you can take; it's not that much, but if you don't have more than 200 credits, I suggest you take it.

    As I mentioned before, Bug's attacks aren't that hard to dodge. The Summon attack can be avoided by getting out of the way, or by firing Mirage or Silhouette shots at the Polly Peeper that appears. However, you should get out of the way if Bug summons multiple Polly Peepers; it's a little hard to hit a bunch of them when they are spread out around the area (especially with some of the low level weapons).

    The Energy Spring is fairly easily to reflect, but be careful because it's hard to predict which way it will go when Bug summons it (the Energy Spring usually comes towards you, but it may move away from you, too). The reflected Energy Spring can do quite a bit of damage to Bug if it hits him.

    The Avalanche and Battleship attacks can be dodged in the exact same way. When Bug uses Avalanche, dash up one of the walls as soon as the blue portal appears. When you get to the top of the wall, triple jump off of it and activate your Reflector to "float" in the air. You can deactivate the Reflector when the portal disappears. With the Battleship attack, you follow almost the same procedure. Wait until the ship starts firing at you before you dash up one of the walls. When you reach the top of the wall, triple jump off of it and activate your Reflector. Keep the Reflector activated until the ship stops firing.

    This battle can be made even easier if you drain Bug's spirit (with a Lv.6 weapon, this will only take a few seconds). Once Bug's spirit is gone, he's pretty much finished. He can't use ANY attacks and will probably fly around the area yelling "Summon!" (wow...isn't that scary?). However, he can still fly and teleport which makes trying to hit him a bit difficult. You can jump into the air and grab Bug, then use the Power Punch or Grand Slam to ground him for a short time.

    **CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

    Bug will get upset about being defeated. Zohar Metatron appears and this upsets Bug even more. Metatron shows off his power by destroying the Shelter. There is some dialogue among the characters, then Metatron decides to show off more of his power by transforming into Sandalphon. Sandalphon says a few things and then blows the ground out from underneath Bug and Shyna. Bug decides to help Shyna and teleports her out of the area; Sandalphon is surprised by Bug's actions and is then told by Hal to follow Bug and Shyna.

    End of Area

    Bug's Nexus

    Bug will apologize for his actions and then there is some dialogue between him and Shyna. Bug will teleport Shyna to the next area after they are done talking.

    ***SAVE POINT***

    Area 2: Raqia

    Section 1
    Bosses: 2
    Secret Items: 0

    You'll have to go to the right when the level starts. Be careful, because some Polly Peepers will try to attack you. Some of them will be able to fly, too; just drain their spirit to ground them, then drain it a second time to limit their attacks. Take their money and keep going to the right. There will be more Polly Peepers; follow the previous procedure. You will eventually come to a structure with 2 platforms; jump on to the platforms so you can attack the Polly Peepers a little easier (if some Polly Peepers jump up to where you are, just knock them down with a Power Punch or Grand Slam). When you are done, the highway in the foreground will collapse and you'll need to continue going to the right.

    When you get to the next part, immediately jump up on one of the street lights. Some Polly Peepers riding motorcycles will come into the area. Try not to go on the ground since the Polly Peepers will be able to attack you; just stay on one of the street lights and fire at them (drain spirit to knock them off the bikes, or fire Silhouette shots to kill them). Once you've gotten rid of the first group of Polly Peepers, a second group will come in; follow the same procedure used with the first group.

    After you're finished, continue going to the right. Buy anything you need at the shop and keep going to the right. You'll run into some more Polly Peepers. Take their money, get rid of them and then continue going right. There will be some more Polly Peepers that you'll need to defeat. Continue going to the right. Eventually, you'll see a brown building appear in the background and some crickets will start chirping; this means you are getting very close to the next boss, Nardo. He'll eventually crash into the area and there'll be some dialogue between him and Shyna.

    Boss 3: Nardo

    Attribute: Silhouette
    Attacks: Energy Wave, Explosion, Boomerang, Charge, Quake
    Most Lethal Attacks: Energy Wave, Boomerang
    Special Abilities: Jump, Wake People
    Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Angara (any level), Rasti (any level)

    As soon as the battle starts, activate your Reflector (only do this if your Silhouette side is facing to the left!). This way, you can reflect the Energy Wave that Nardo will use and damage him quite a bit (2/3 of his life and spirit will be gone!).

    If you didn't reflect the attack, the battle will take a bit longer. You should start draining Nardo's spirit so he can't use his stonger attacks. Nardo's Boomerang attack can be reflected or dodged fairly easily, but just be careful it doesn't go behind you. The Charge attack is very easy to dodge; just jump over Nardo when he runs at you.

    The Explosion and Quake attacks are also pretty easy to avoid. You can tell when Nardo is going to use the Explosion attack; he will stab his sword into the ground and it will glow for a second. As soon as you see the sword glow, get away from Nardo. If you get hit, don't worry; the attack won't hurt you very much. This attack can be somewhat useful to you since it will drain some of Nardo's life and spirit. The Quake attack is probably the easiest attack to avoid! Nardo will stab his sword into the ground and the area will start to shake. Triple jump into the air when this happens and activate your Reflector; you'll avoid the attack without any problems.

    Nardo's attacks may be easy to dodge, but when he uses them, they sometimes cause the people in the building to wake up. This isn't a good thing since the people will start chucking various objects (baseballs, soccerballs and refrigerators included) at you and Nardo. These objects don't hurt you that much, but they can slow you down, which means more of the objects might hit you and cause more damage. If you keep moving, you shouldn't get hit by anything.

    When you defeat Nardo, he'll attempt to charge up his Judgement Blade attack; there's nothing to worry about, though, since the people in the building get REALLY upset and bury him in a pile of junk (now, aren't they nice people?). The bridge will collapse and then you'll have to proceed to the right. Buy anything you need at the shop and continue going to the right. Eventually, Shyna will see a streak of light go through a building and destroy it. Zohar is on the other side of the building; there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna before he transforms into Sandalphon and teleports to where Shyna is.

    Boss 4: Zohar
    Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
    Metatron's Attacks: Sword Slashes, Stab
    Sandalphon's Attacks: Gun Shots, Homing Beam
    Most Lethal Attacks: Stab, Homing Beam
    Shared Attacks: Throw, Jump
    Special Abilities: Fly, Teleport, Attribute Change, Absorb Shots
    Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Cavitas (any level)

    This battle is probably the hardest one you've fought so far. You cannot drain spirit from Zohar (he'll absorb same attribute shots and refill his spirit meter) and his attacks can inflict a lot of damage if you're not careful. Zohar is also able to teleport and fly which means you may have a hard time hitting him. The amount of life and spirit Zohar has might make the battle look even harder, but you don't need to worry; you only have to drain 1/2 of Zohar's life to end the battle.

    Zohar Metatron's attacks are easy to dodge but hard to reflect since they are close-range. Sandalphon's attacks are harder to dodge, but they can be reflected pretty easily; however, you should be careful about reflecting the Homing Beam since it is capable of going behind you and your Reflector.

    Be careful when attacking Zohar; he will sometimes jump into the air which makes him invulnerable to your shots. To stop Zohar's jump attack, just stop firing at him. Just be careful that he doesn't land on you.

    Now, Zohar is carrying quite a bit of money (500 credits!). If you want to get all of it, you should use the powered Cash Bash (hold down the O button on each punch to increase the amount of money you steal) on Sandalphon; she doesn't break out of your hold quickly and she can't counter attack you very easily. You can use the powered Cash Bash on Metatron, but he can break out of your hold pretty easily and he may counter attack with some sword slashes.

    **CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

    If you beat Metatron:
    Metatron will say he is enjoying the fight and then Dynamis teleports in. Shyna is a little freaked out by Dynamis (well, who wouldn't be?); Metatron just gets really upset about Hal sending Dynamis to help out. He explains a bit about the Guardian Angels (G.A.'s for short) before teleporting away. Shyna jumps down to a lower area, leaving Dynamis by herself. Hal tells her to "chase and delete" Shyna and Dynamis quickly follows her orders.

    If you beat Sandalphon:
    Sandalphon says she is enjoying the fight and then Dynamis telports in. Sandalphon wonders why Dynamis was sent to help out and then she explains what the G.A.'s are. Shyna doesn't think that Dynamis' title of G.A. is very fitting; Sandalphon agrees with Shyna before teleporting away. Shyna jumps to a lower area and is followed by Dynamis afterward.

    ***SAVE POINT***

    Section 2
    Bosses: 3
    Secret Items: 0

    Cool! You're riding a huge truck now! Buy anything you need at the shop (you should be able to buy quite a few healing items if you took Zohar's money). Proceed to the left and then jump on to one of the platforms. Some Polly Peepers on motorbikes will board the truck; knock them off the bikes to take their money, or just kill them with Silhouette shots. When you are done, a Spectre will disconnect the car you are on. Triple-jump to where the Spectre is and then get ready to fight a walker. This fight can be made really easy if you have the Lv.6 Surosa; stand near the edge at the right and wait until the walker is about 1 step away from you. Quickly dash to the left behind the walker and then start firing at it; the walker will fall off the truck and half of its life will be gone. Do this a second time and the walker will be gone. If you don't have the Lv.6 Surosa, you can just reflect the walker's machine-gun shots back at it; these shots are capable of knocking the walker off the truck.

    When you're done, proceed to the left. Shyna will turn to look at a van that Goliath is riding. There will be some dialogue between Shyna and Goliath before you fight him.

    Boss 5: Goliath
    Attribute: Silhouette
    Attacks: Muscle Throw, Muscle Shot, Muscle Load, Muscle Wave, Energy Blast, Throw Enemies
    Most Lethal Attacks: Muscle Throw, Muscle Wave, Muscle Shot
    Special Abilities: Jump
    Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Angara (any level)

    Goliath isn't really that hard to fight if you're careful. Drain his spirit quickly and you'll have little or no problems defeating him. However, DO NOT try to take Goliath's money. Yes, 250 credits is a lot, but if you try to get it, you'll just be doing more harm than good. Goliath will almost always break out of your hold and use the Muscle Throw on you (usually multiple times); this attack will drain life and spirit from you.

    Goliath's other attacks are fairly easy to dodge; the Muscle Wave can be reflected or jumped over (this is the same for the Energy Blast), but be careful it doesn't hit you. If it does, it will drain a HUGE amount of life or spirit. The Muscle Shot attack is also fairly easy to dodge; you just have to keep away from Goliath. However, be prepared to triple jump since the Muscle Shot will cause explosions to come out of the floor. Goliath's Muscle Load attack isn't much to worry about; in fact, it doesn't really do anything. After using it, Goliath will attempt to charge at you. Just jump into the air to avoid him.

    Occasionally, Goliath will jump onto the van and start hurling Spectres and Polly Peepers at you. You can reflect the enemies back at Goliath, but it's a waste of time. The reflected enemies rarely hit Goliath and they don't do much damage anyway. Just dodge the enemies until Goliath jumps back to where you are and resume fighting him.

    After you defeat Goliath, a shop will appear. Buy what you need and then proceed to the left. Go past the cages (you're being watched!). The creatures in the cages will go into the huge crate on the left, which reveals the Attribute Gun. Time for another boss fight!

    Boss 6: Attribute Gun
    Attributes: Sillhouette and Mirage
    Attacks: Energy Blast, Triple Blast, Energy Beam, Grenade, Weak Shot
    Most Lethal Attacks: Energy Beam, Energy Blast
    Special Abilities: Load, Lock On
    Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level)

    This boss is really easy! Run to the right and stand near the stairs on the gun. Immediately start firing to the right to destroy some of the "bullets" (it doesn't matter which attribute you are using). This will make it so only 1 attribute is loaded into the gun.

    After you've done that, quickly dash to the left. Turn and face the gun, then double jump into the air and activate your Reflector. Keep the Reflector activated until the gun is out of bullets, then follow the above procedure. If you're lucky, you'll destroy the gun within 2 loadings!

    When you've destroyed the gun, it will look like you've finished the area. However, Dynamis has managed to catch up. There'll be a tiny bit of dialogue and you'll get to fight Dynamis.

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