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Boss 7: Dynamis
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Attacks: Smash, Energy Blast, Rapid Fire, Fin
Most Lethal Attacks: Rapid Fire, Fin
Special Abilities: Fly, Hold, Claw
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Cavitas (any level), Grattoni (any level)

This fight isn't too hard; Dynamis will drop items when you damage her and her spirit supply seems to be unlimited (I've been able to keep draining spirit from Dynamis even when her meter is at 0).

The attack that Dynamis will use most is the Smash. It's fairly easy to avoid and it will usually leave her vulnerable (her claw will get stuck). Fire at the claw when it's stuck, but be careful. The claw will get left behind on the truck and it will start firing projectiles at you. Just destroy the claw and it won't cause you any trouble.

The Energy Blast and Rapid Fire attacks are quite easy to reflect. However, the best one to reflect is Rapid Fire since it will usually damage Dynamis. The Energy Blast will rarely hit Dynamis, so just get out of the way if she uses it.

Every now and then, Dynamis will manage to grab you and hold you down. If she does this, you'll be vulnerable to her attacks. Just break out of her hold as quick as you can and you shouldn't get hit by Dynamis' attacks.

Dynamis' Fin attack is probably the hardest to dodge, especially if you can't see Dynamis. If you see Dynamis disappear, keep your eye on the buildings in the background; Dynamis' reflection will usually give away her location. Just stand in one place until you hear a "WHIIRRRRRR" sound, then immediately triple jump into the air and activate your Reflector. If you're lucky, Dynamis' fin will stick out above the truck, making the attack easier to dodge. However, sometimes she can't be seen which makes the attack a little harder to avoid.

Dynamis will get upset at Shyna before smashing into a building (yes, she's gone for good this time!). The truck goes flying off the end of the road; Shyna jumps to a building and Bug teleports her out of Raqia. Megido is sitting on another building, wondering if Shyna will complete her mission.

End of Area

Bug's Nexus

Bug and Shyna will briefly talk about the events in Raqia before Shyna is teleported to Shehaqim.


Area 3: Shehaqim

Section 1
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: Lv.6 Angara (1000 credits)

This is the first area where you actually fight both Polly Peepers and Spectres at the same time. Keep out of the way of the Polly Peepers in the background; they'll toss grenades at you if you walk in front of them.

Some Spectres will fly out of the windows on the left; if you go to the right and jump up, there'll be a small platform you can stand on. Shoot the Spectres as they come out of the windows. Your Silhouette side should be facing left. If you've used the Attribute Change in any of the previous areas, your Mirage side will probably be facing the left; this isn't good because you'll be killing the Spectres and you won't be able to get their money. Just use your Attribute Change to get your Silhouette side on the left (you can replenish your spirit by draining some from the Spectres).

When you are done, proceed to the left and go up the roof. When you reach the top, some Spectres will start flying toward you. Drain spirit from them and take their money. Be careful, though; before you kill the last Spectre, go to the left side of the roof. Kill the Spectre, but DON'T go to the middle of the roof; if you do, you won't be able to get to the secret shop in this section.

After you've killed the Spectres, go down to the left. You'll basically be in the same place as the start of the area, except everything will be reversed (i.e. the Spectres will come out of windows on the right) and there'll be a shop. Follow the same procedure that was used for the start of the area. When you're done, you can buy the Lv.6 Angara at the shop if you want it (you can also purchase healing items if you need them!). If you don't have enough money, you can go back to the start of the area. Just don't go in the middle of the roof! You can keep going back and forth between the sections and getting money from the Spectres. Even if you don't want the Lv.6 Angara, you can still get some extra cash if you are low on it.

When you are done, go on the top of the roof and stand in the middle of it. This will take you to the next section.


Section 2
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: Lv.6 Rasti (1000 credits)

Now, this is where you might start having a hard time; Polly Peepers and Spectres will be attacking you at the same time. What's worse, is there'll be a giant wheel right behind you. The best thing to do is to keep moving while firing ahead of yourself; this will eliminate some enemies and give you some space to move. If you have to, jump into a higher or lower "lane" (push down + X to jump to a lower area) so you can keep running ahead.

You'll have to run from 3 wheels, no matter which of the roads you take. However, only one road has the Lv.6 Rasti. If you want the weapon, just take a look at this map. Just go where the big (*and small) green arrows point. The map isn't the best, but you'd have a much harder time trying to figure out my written explanation (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?)

*Note: You don't have to stay in the bottom lane constantly in Part II; just make sure you are in the bottom lane before the big "dip" (the area leading down to Part III), otherwise, you may miss your chance to get the Lv.6 Rasti. Remember, to jump through some floors, just push down + X.


Section 3
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: None

There isn't much in this section. As soon as you enter, there'll be a shop; you probably won't need to buy anything if you bought healing items at the secret shop in Section 2.

When you are done at the shop, proceed to the right. Notice that person "hiding?" To get him to come out, just stand and do nothing (don't fire weapons or go too close to him or he'll hide again). Eventually, Pablo will come out of hiding, and there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna. Pablo will start looking for a "gift" for Shyna (it'll be either Mana or Fatima), and then some Spectres will come in. The Spectres will "unblock" the window in the background, revealing the moon outside. This causes Pablo to morph into a werewolf, and some dialogue between him and Shyna follows. Time to fight him!

Boss 8: Pablo
Attribute: Silhouette
Attacks: Claw, Energy Blast, Charge, Spin, Dive, Sword
Most Lethal Attacks: Energy Blast
Special Abilities: Jump, Reflector (when Sword is used)
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Envia (any level), Grattoni (any level), Angara (any level)

This battle is fairly easy; just drain Pablo's spirit so he can't use his strong attacks (this also makes it easier to take Pablo's money). This may be easier said than done; Pablo's speedy movement might make it hard for you to hit him. Just keep moving and do your best to drain his spirit.

Pablo's attacks are fairly easy to dodge, except for the "combos" he uses (e.g. Claw, Charge, and then Dive). Most of his attacks can be reflected or dodged; however, it is better to try and dodge Pablo's attacks while firing at him.

If you're having trouble hitting Pablo, here's a way to help make things easier: use the Grand Slam (grab the enemy with O, then press O + down together) on Pablo 3 times. The background will collapse, and Pablo will revert to his human form. This is a good time to damage and/or drain spirit from Pablo, as well as Cash Bash him. Be VERY careful if you fire at Pablo when he stands up; he will start swinging his sword, reflecting your shots back in your face. To keep Pablo from doing this, use the Tactical Toss (grab the enemy with O, then press O + up together), and then start firing at Pablo while he's in the air. Also, while Pablo is in his human form, you can easily take his money. Take his money (DO NOT ignore 500 credits! You can use them at the shop in the next section).

Whatever you choose to do, you'll only have a limited amount of time before Pablo turns into a werewolf again. There will be some Spectres that will slowly put the moon painting back in the window. As soon as the painting is back up, Pablo will become a werewolf again.

If you beat Pablo WITHOUT knocking down the painting:
Shyna will get a little mad at Pablo before she leaves the area.

If you beat Pablo in his werewolf form and knocked down the painting:
Shyna comments on Pablo's idea, and then she leaves.

If you beat Pablo in his human form:
Shyna will apologize to Pablo, who has been thoroughly beaten up, before she leaves.


Section 4
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: None

This isn't really much of a section. Buy what you need at the shop and then jump down the hole on the left.

**CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

A portal will open up as Shyna is falling; when Shyna lands on the bridge below, a yellow "smiley face" will fly out of the water. This is part of Malak. There will be some dialogue between him and Shyna (Gehena's dialogue is important, so read it!) before some Spectres fly in and lift up the bridge Shyna is on.

After the cut scene, you'll have to fight Malak.

Boss 9: Malak
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Attacks: Carpet Bomb, Homing Missiles, Homing Blasts, Mouth Cannon
Most Lethal Attacks: Mouth Cannon, Homing Blasts
Special Abilities: Invisibility, Absorb Attributes, Reflector
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Grattoni (any level)

Just a quick warning: Try very hard not to lose much life; there is another boss fight right after Malak, and you don't get a chance to recover.

This battle isn't very hard, but it can be EXTREMELY annoying and tedious, especially if you've only got short-range weapons. Malak's "body" will be constantly moving, and will almost always be out of reach of your short-range weapons. If you've got the Lv.6 Surosa, you shouldn't have a problem hitting Malak. Be careful of Malak's tail; it acts as a Reflector, so try not to hit it.

Before you can damage Malak, you must give him an attribute. Did you pay attention to what Gehena said? What you have to do is hit Malak (the smiley face) with either attribute a few times, and he'll absorb it (e.g. shoot him with Mirage, and he'll become Mirage). When you've established Malak's attribute, start draining his spirit. For some reason, Malak is like Dynamis: you can keep draining spirit from him, even when his meter is at 0. If you can drain all or most of Malak's spirit, it'll cut down the number of attacks he can use. If you don't have the Lv.6 Surosa (or one of the other recommended parasites), it'd be best to start killing Malak, rather than start draining his spirit.

Malak has some annoying attacks that can be hard to dodge. The best thing to do is reflect the attacks, especially Carpet Bomb (i.e. the energy blasts that float around the area). The Homing Missiles and Homing Blasts are a little harder to reflect; they tend to go behind you and drain spirit, but it's better to have some of your spirit drained rather than some of your life.

Occasionally, Malak will go invisible. This makes life VERY miserable since you can't see or damage the "body." However, it'll only last a short time; Malak (the smiley face) will eventually fly up and you'll have to give him an attribute again.

When you've defeated Malak (heh heh...the crybaby!), there'll be some dialogue between him and Shyna. Malak will spit out Bug's transporter, and leaves shortly after. Bug teleports Shyna out of the area.

End of Area


Bug's Nexus

There will be some dialogue between Bug and Shyna. Eventually, Bug will notice that something is wrong. Zohar Metatron breaks into Bug's nexus, and there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna. You'll then have to fight Zohar for the second time.

Boss 10: Zohar
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Metatron's Attacks: Sword Slashes, Stab, Flying Stab, Explosion Slash
Sandalphon's Attacks: Gun Shots, Homing Beam, Lightning Beam, Charge
Most Lethal Attacks: Stab, Explosion Slash, Flying Stab, Lightning Beam, Charge
Shared Attacks: Throw, Jump
Special Abilities: Fly, Teleport, Attribute Change, Absorb Shots
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Envia (any level), Cavitas (any level)

This battle with Zohar is pretty much the same as the last, except Zohar has some new attacks. Metatron's attacks are pretty easy to dodge: just jump out of the way when Metatron uses the Flying Stab (he'll spin, and then fly at you). To dodge the Explosion Slash (Zohar will fall towards the ground and swing his sword, causing 5 explosions to come out of the ground), just stay far away from Metatron, or get behind him.

Sandalphon's attacks are a bit harder to dodge. Her Charge attack is easiest to dodge: just jump out of the way when she flies at you. The Lightning Beam is probably one of the most annoying attacks in the game! Sandalphon will fire up to 3 "bolts" out of her gun. These bolts will follow her everywhere for a short period of time, making your life MISERABLE. What's worse is the fact that Sandalphon can transform into Metatron; if this happens, you'll have to dodge both Silhouette and Mirage attacks simultaneously (good luck!). I'm pretty sure it's possible to reflect the bolts, but you have to reflect the ball at the end; this will make the bolt disappear.

Again, DO NOT forget to take at least some of Zohar's money! 500 credits should not be ignored!

If you beat Metatron:
Metatron is a little upset at first, but "cheers up" after a small taunt from Shyna (gotta love that taunt!). Metatron deletes the nexus, leaving Shyna to be deleted with it. Bug appears and teleports Shyna out of the nexus before it disappears.

If you beat Sandalphon:
Sandalphon is a little upset, but then she decides to delete the nexus. Shyna wonders why, since both her and Zohar would be deleted; however, Sandalphon quickly proves Shyna wrong. She deletes the nexus and leaves Shyna to be deleted as well. Bug appears and teleports Shyna out of the nexus before it's deleted.

End of Area (For sure this time!)

Bug's Nexus

There will be some dialogue between Bug and Shyna, and then Shyna will be teleported to Machonom.

Area 4: Machonom

Section 1
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 0

If you need to buy anything at the shop, buy it now! There is a boss coming up very shortly. When you are done, proceed to the right.

**CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

Shyna doesn't notice a limo driving down the street until too late (Ow!). Delia scolds Samson, and some Polly Peepers come up to the limo. They are told to lure Shyna to the Broadcast Facilities, and then Delia's limo drives off.

Crunch! Now, you're riding the limo! Samson will eventually bust through the roof, and is scolded by Delia again. Time to fight!

Boss 11: Samson
Attribute: Silhouette
Attacks: Energy Blast, Explosions, Swipe, Clap
Most Lethal Attacks: Swipe, Explosions
Special Abilities: Reflector (when Swipe is used), Driving
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Grattoni (any level)

This battle isn't extremely tough; what you need to do is get on the left side of the car (the right side if your Mirage side faces left), and then crouch there (press down twice). From here, you can continually blast Samson without worrying about being hit his Swipe attack. However, you'll have to be careful about the Energy Blast; if this attack hits the car, it will send explosions across the area. You can jump over the explosions if you have to, but you'll have to crouch on the side of the car again when you land. To get rid of the Energy Blast, reflect it, or fire a bunch of Mirage shots at it until it disappears.

Occasionally, Samson will clap his hands together. As far as I know, this does absolutely nothing but leave Samson vulnerable to attack! I'm not 100% sure on this, but the attack hasn't done anything to me, even when it hits.

You may get sick of Samson's attacks, but don't bother trying to drain all of his spirit (unless you've got a Lv.6 weapon); it will take way too long to drain that amount of spirit. Just focus on attacking Samson, and only drain spirit if you need your meter refilled. Be careful about draining spirit when Samson charges his Swipe attack; a Reflector will form around Samson's hand, and it will reflect Silhouette shots.

Once you drain a certain amount of Samson's life (about 1/3 or less), Delia will yell at him (I love that quote!). Samson will go back in the limo and turn a corner, changing the size of the area you're standing on. Don't be worried about having to stand on a smaller area; just jump down to the lower area of the car (down + X), and crouch, making sure your Mirage side is facing the screen. Keep attacking Samson from here, and destroy any Energy Blasts he sends at you.

When you defeat Samson (well, so much for the limo!), there will be some dialogue between Shyna and Delia. Eventually, the limo goes flying off a cliff and right into the Broadcast Facilities (wheeeeeeeeeeee!).


Section 2
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: 0

Now, be careful in this part; there are some Polly Peepers with machine guns, and some Spectres on the roof chucking bombs at you. Drain spirit from the Polly Peepers first to knock them off of the machine guns; drain spirit from the Spectres to knock them off the roof. If you want/need to, take money from all of the enemies there. When you're finished with these enemies, another group of Spectres will come in. Knock them off the roof, take their money, and get rid of them.

Proceed to the right, and enter the TV studio. The gameshow "You Die, You Lose" is starting, and Shyna is the only contestant. Sara will eventually start taunting Shyna; Shyna gets upset and goes to beat up Sara, but falls through a trap door.


Section 3
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: Lv.6 Grattoni (1000 credits)

You might have a little trouble spotting the shop; it's on the lowest floor in the room. Just jump down to it and buy whatever you need. If you're a Grattoni fan and you have enough money, you can buy the Lv.6 Grattoni at this shop.

Proceed to the right when you're finished. The room will eventually go dark, and Faust will appear. He'll say a little rhyme before you fight him.

Boss 12: Faust
Attribute: Silhouette
Attacks: Dragon Shadow, Satellite Shadow, Tank Shadow
Most Lethal Attacks: Satellite Shadow, Dragon Shadow
Special Abilities: Dash, Jump
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Grattoni (any level), Envia (any level)

Faust is one of those bosses that can be either extremely tough, or extremely easy. If Faust traps you in a corner, this battle can become almost impossible; if you trap Faust in a corner, the battle's pretty much over. If you get desperate, use the Attribute Change (Triangle button).

You should stick with your Silhouette side during the start of the battle; this way, you can reflect Faust's attacks and drain his spirit. The best attacks to reflect would be the Satellite Shadow and Dragon Shadow. These attacks inflict the most damage and they're more likely to hit Faust. The Tank Shadow can be reflected, but it doesn't always hit Faust, especially when you're a floor below him.

This is a good boss to use throw techniques on. You can slow Faust down quite a bit with a Grand Slam, and you can move him into a corner with the Power Punch and Tactical Toss. Don't forget to use your Cash Bash to take his money!

When you've defeated Faust, there'll be some short dialogue between him and Shyna. Faust will then produce a bomb shadow behind him (hmmm...I wonder what that'll do?), and then it's on to the next section.


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