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Section 4
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 0

This isn't much of a section. There's some dialogue between Sara and Shyna before you fight her.

Boss 13: Sara
Attribute: Mirage
Attacks: Marbles, Bomb, Cards, Sign
Most Lethal Attacks: Bomb, Cards
Special Abilities: Jump, Slot Machine, Nullify Shots
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Envia (any level), Angara (any level)

Now, this boss is quite fun if you have patience! The slot machine can give you quite a few bonuses, and the bonuses will be multiplied by the number of "credits" Sara stores. Occasionally, the treasure box on Sara's back will open and nullify your attacks; this is what stores credits for the machine.

Here's the list of things you can get from the machine:

Polly Peeper: Polly Peepers will come out of the slot machine. The number on the machine = the number of Polly Peepers
Spectre: Spectres will come out of the slot machine. The number on the machine = the number of Spectres
Coin: MONEY! The higher the number on the slot machine, the more money you get.
Lucky!: A bolt of energy will hit Sara and inflict some damage. This is not affected by the number of credits in the slot machine.
Black Smiley Face: A bolt of energy will hit you. You can reflect it to reduce some of the damage. This isn't affected by the number of credits in the machine.
Mana Symbol: Health recovery! Number on machine = number of Mana you get
Fatima Symbol: Spirit recovery! Number on machine = number of Fatima you get

You may think that the Polly Peeper and Spectre bonuses are bad, but that's not true! Eight Spectres/Polly Peepers can provide a huge boost to your spirit meter, and they can give you extra money! The only bad thing on the machine is the smiley face; even this isn't too bad, since it won't inflict that much damage.

And now, for Sara herself. She's not too hard to fight, especially if you drain most of her spirit. If you drain all of Sara's spirit (not a problem with the Lv.6 Surosa), her attacks are pretty much useless; the only attack she'll be able to use is the Sign (it drains spirit and life, but not that much). If you try to Cash Bash Sara (or grab her, for that matter), she'll usually break away and counter attack with the Sign.

The Marble and Bomb attacks can be handled the same way: reflect them! The reflected marbles will trip Sara, and damage her a little; the reflected Bomb won't hurt you, and it will usually do some damage to Sara.

The worst possible attack Sara can use is the Cards. There is only one "safe" card (the angel) that you can stand under to avoid the attack; the other cards will send out energy bolts. The cards will be flipped face down, and they'll be shuffled (if your eyes are fast, you can keep you can see where the angel card ends up); the cards will eventually be flipped over, and the attack will start. If your eyes aren't fast enough, you can triple jump into the air and activate your Mirage Reflector.

When you've beaten Sara, she'll give you one last chance at the slot machine. After you're finished with the machine, you get a GOOD chance to Cash Bash Sara; she will not break out of your hold, and you can get most of her money if you're quick (remember to hold the O button down for a stronger punch). When your time's up, Sara will boot you out of the studio (literally!). There's a shop outside, so buy anything you need, then proceed to the right.


Section 5
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 0

There will be some dialogue between Hal and Delia before Shyna comes in. There will then be some dialogue between Shyna and Delia, and then the battle starts.

Boss 14: Delia
Attribute: Mirage
Attacks: Fire Breath
Most Lethal Attacks: Fire Breath
Special Abilities: Salt Shaker, Inhale Soup
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Envia (Lv.6)

Wow! It's time to cook up some soup! If Gehena's clue was too vague for you (it was for me the first time I tried this boss!), here's what you need to do: just use your Power Punch to chuck Spectres into the soup! You should also Cash Bash some Spectres, too, since you can't get money from Delia (it REALLY sucks having 5000 credits dangling in your face with NO way to get them).

The only attack that Delia can use is Fire Breath; however, he has to fill his spirit meter by inhaling the soup in the bowl. When Delia's meter is full, he'll automatically use the attack. Immediately get on the side that your Mirage side is on and activate your Reflector. You should try to get close to the edge of the screen so you won't get hit by the attack. The attack doesn't last that long, but it can drain you quite a bit if it gets you. After he's finished, Delia will have to recharge his spirit meter again.

The battle may start to get a little annoying when Delia uses the Salt Shaker. When Delia uses it, it will turn the soup pink, regardless of how many Spectres you've tossed in. However, it usually only takes one or two Spectres to make the soup blue again. Be quick, though; the longer you leave the soup pink, the more of a chance there is of soup bubbles appearing for Delia to inhale.

When you've beat Delia, he collapses, and the bowl of soup lands on the stove, causing it to explode.


Section 6 (Not much of a section, but it counts)
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: 0

**CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

The bottom of the building blows out, and Shyna and some debris are carried along in the explosion. Bug's transporter appears, and he teleports Shyna out of Machonom.

End of Area

Bug's Nexus

Bug tells Shyna he won't be able to help her anymore, since Hal could break into the nexus. Shyna doesn't mind, and Bug then teleports her to Edo (or so he thinks).


Area 5: Mathey

Section 1
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: 0

What's this? A ruined city? Well, Shyna quickly learns she is not in Edo, and then freaks out a bit when Hal tries to hack into Gehena. A portal opens a short distance away, then a worm-thing jumps out and starts smashing buildings. The 2-headed worm is Prinsdam, and he's a tad hungry. Prinsdam then dives under the bridge, and then you get to go either left or right. Going to the right will allow you to get the Lv.6 Envia, while going to the left will not. If you don't want the Lv.6 Envia, it doesn't really matter which way you choose.

Once you've gone right or left, Prinsdam smashes up through the bridge. He says a short speech, and the swallows Shyna whole (I think WE'RE GOING IN!! Sorry! I couldn't resist that quote from Twister!)


Section 2
Bosses: 2
Secret Items: Lv.6 Envia (600 credits) *Available only when you've gone right in the last section

Great! You're inside a giant worm, and there are robots trying to kill you! These new enemies are somewhat tough; you can't drain spirit from them, they can jump while firing at you, and they can take more pain than Spectres and Polly Peepers. Well, if you've got some weapons that are at Lv.4 or higher, you shouldn't have too much trouble. If you're low on money, don't be afraid to Cash Bash a few robots.

Now, if you went right outside Prinsdam, you'll have to start heading left inside, and vice-versa. Stay near the top if you want to avoid most of the robots. Keep your eyes open for the shop in the upper area if you're low on life/spirit. As you keep moving, you'll eventually run into the Spider Robot.

Boss 15: Spider Robot
Attribute: Normal
Attacks: Stun Shot + Bomb, Small Web, Large Web, Energy Shots
Most Lethal Attacks: Small Web, Large Web
Special Abilities: Jump
Recommened Parasites: None (Parasite shots are nullified by this boss)

This is one boss that can easily kick your butt if you're not careful. Most of the time, Spider Robot will jump around the area and fire Stun Shots at you. If one of the shots hit you (they're VERY fast, and usually hit if you're too close), quickly start wiggling the control pad and tapping the X button. You can usually break away before the bomb comes and hits you. If you're really quick, you can reflect the bomb (not the stun shot) and blast the robot!

The attack that will probably help you the most is the Energy Shots that Spider Robot fires. When you see Spider Robot drop off a ledge and hang there, get as close as possible and activate your Reflector. Spider Robot's head will flash just before the shots are launched. The closer you are, the more shots you'll reflect.

When the spider stops suddenly, it's probably going to fire the Large Web. This attack won't hurt you, but if it gets you, Spider Robot will drag you in, and cover you in webbing. This will allow Spider Robot to do whatever it wants, usually fire a Stun Shot + Bomb at you. Quickly wiggle the control pad and tap the X button to break out of the webbing.

Spider Robot doesn't use the Small Web much. When he does, be VERY careful you don't touch it; the longer you touch it, the more life or spirit you'll lose. DO NOT fire Mirage shots at Mirage webs, or Silhouette shots at Silhouette webs; the webs will reflect the shots. If Spider Robot fires a small web, reflect it as soon as possible! When the web is reflected (it will turn green), it will no longer hurt you, and it can be used to inflict BIG TIME damage on Spider Robot. If Spider Robot isn't near one of the green web(s), use your throwing techniques to toss it into the green web(s). You can also use the green webs as shields; Spider Robot will sometimes fire a Stun Shot + Bomb, and the will be reflected by the green web!

When you've defeated Spider Robot, it usually drops something (credits, Mana, or Fatima), so make sure you pick it up. Continue in the direction the "GO" arrow points. If you're heading left, dash up the curved wall, and you'll come to the shop with the Lv.6 Envia (remember to scroll up as far as you can!). Buy healing items now, or else you'll be VERY sorry (there's going to be 2, maybe 3, bosses in a row with no shops in between!)! Keep going the way you're supposed to go.

Shyna eventually runs into a group of robots called the Yona Division. She taunts them, but then the robots blow up the floor she's standing on. Shyna falls to the ground, and is then surrounded by the robots.

Boss 16: Yona Division
*Note: The Leader is the real boss in this battle. His followers are just regular robots that are there to annoy you with their attacks.
Leader's Attribute: Normal
Leader's Attacks: Energy Shots, Time Bombs, Grenade Pile
Most Lethal Attacks: Grenade Pile, Energy Shots
Leader's Special Abilities: Attribute Wave, Jump
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Envia (Lv.6)

As soon as you can, GET INTO A CORNER AND ACTIVATE YOUR REFLECTOR (is that clear enough?)! If you do this, the whole group of robots will start firing at you, and will be hit by their own shots! You can eliminate a fair number of them, and possibly inflict some damage on the leader. However, be careful if the leader uses Attribute Wave; this will immediately change the attribute of the follower robots. If the Attribute Wave was Normal, then you have nothing to worry about; if it was Silhouette or Mirage, you may have to move. For example, if you're using your Silhouette Reflector, and the Attribute Wave was Mirage, you'll have to run to the opposite side of the room and activate your Mirage reflector. Just be careful that you don't get hit by any shots while you're moving. When you've eliminated most of the followers, you can attack the leader. Stay close enough to the leader so that you can see him.

Most of the time, the leader jumps around (REDRUM! REDRUM!) and drops Time Bombs all over the place. The Time Bombs should be reflected as soon as possible so the explosions won't hurt you. However, the round, black Time Bombs cannot be reflected, and will release a follower robot when they explode. The follower robot will be either Normal, Silhouette, or Mirage, depending on the attribute of the other robots.

Sometimes, the leader will fire some Energy Shots at you; just reflect these to do a little damage to the leader. The best attack to reflect, however, is the Grenade Pile. The leader will lean back and shout some gibberish, then grendades will fly out of his chest and pile up on the floor. As soon as you hear the leader start shouting, get as close as possible and reflect as many of the grenades as you can before they explode. The more of them you reflect, the more of a chance you have of inflicting some damage on the leader.

When the battle is over, the leader self-destructs, blowing up the entire "room."


Section 3
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 0

Shyna is flung out of Prinsdam's one side, and eventually lands on the other side (doesn't that background make you dizzy?!). When Shyna stands up, Megido teleports in. There is some dialogue between him and Shyna, and then it's time for Shyna's "test."

Boss 17: Megido
Attribute: Silhouette
Attacks: Kill Wave, Sliding Kick, Helping(?) Hand, Roses, Burning Arrow, Homing Blades, Surprise!
Most Lethal Attacks: All attacks
Special Abilities: Dash, Jump, Throw, Reflector
Recommended Parasites: Envia (Lv.6), Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6)

Yikes!! Megido has the most attacks of any boss so far! Many of these attacks will inflict HUGE amounts of damage if you're not careful (I've had one Rose kill me instantly!). There's quite a few attacks, so I'm going to make a quick list of how to dodge them.

Kill Wave: This attack is easily reflected. This is one attack you should reflect as much as possible; it will damage Megido a fair bit since he'll usually use it a few times.

Sliding Kick: Megido rarely uses this attack, and it is pretty easily reflected.

Helping Hand: This attack will do one of 2 things: jump out and disappear, or jump out and leave a "shadow." This attack can be reflected, as well as the shadow.

Roses: Megido usually uses this attack after the Burning Arrow or Homing Blades. This attack is pretty weird, though; sometimes it can be reflected, sometimes it can't be. Sometimes a row of roses is used, sometimes only a single rose is used. Beware of the single rose! It is capable of killing you in one hit sometimes.

Burning Arrow: If you see Megido jump into the air and go off the screen, get ready to start moving. If you hear Megido yell "Buring Arrow!" run (DO NOT walk) in the direction your Mirage side faces, then QUICKLY turn around and activate your Silhouette Reflector. You should try and get as close as possible to the edge (maybe even slightly down the side of Prinsdam); this will prevent you from losing a bunch of spirit from the attack. As soon as Megido disappears off the screen (after blasting out of Prinsdam), quickly run back a little ways, and repeat what you did before. Megido may top this off with a few Rose attacks.

Homing Blades: Megido will jump into the air as if he's going to perform Burning Arrow. However, Megido will appear in the background and pause for a moment. Eventually, he'll swing his arms back, and start chucking energy blades that will home in on you. As soon as you see Megido in the background, quickly dash (your Mirage side facing the screen) to the edge. As soon as Megido starts hurling Homing Blades, immediately start dashing to the other side of Prinsdam (you may be forced to run off the edge, but that'll only inflict 10 damage, instead of 60-150 from the Homing Blades). Megido usually tops this off with some Rose attacks.

Surprise!: Megido will just send out a huge group of Spectres. You can do what you like with the Spectres, but you should keep your Silhouette Reflector activated and hope Megido uses a few Kill Waves. If you reflect the Kill Waves and hit the Spectres, they should be wiped out.

You may have noticed that I recommend Envia for this battle. The reason is simple: Envia can't be reflected. This is a really useful trick when Megido uses his Reflector (he'll start spinning). But, if you're not used to close range fighting you should be careful. I only use Envia if Megido uses his Reflector.

Oh yeah...Megido has quite a bit of money, doesn't he? Well, I don't think you should bother too much with it. Trying to take that money may result in a wasted continue. If you're desperate, take some, but don't worry about the money too much, especially if you've been Cash Bashing enemies.

When you've defeated Megido (you only have to do 500 points of damage to him), he'll get upset and teleport away. However, he also decides to blow up Prinsdam, even though Shyna is still there. Now, wasn't that nice of him?

Now, if you've managed to get to this point without using any continues, you'll get a chance to fight The Reaper!


Section 4

What's all this? Shyna appears in a weird-looking nexus, and wonders if Bug is around. A voice answers Shyna, and tells her to answer some questions. Answer the questions like this: No, no, yes. If you answer a question wrong, you'll be teleported out of the nexus, and you won't get to fight The Reaper.

If you answer the questions correctly, The Reaper will appear. Shyna gets a little angry at him, and is then forced to take another "test" (Finally! Proof that tests are stupid!).

Boss 18: The Reaper
Attribute: Silhouette and Normal
Attacks: Energy Wave, Scythe, Deathblow, Chariot Slash, Soul Stealer
Most Lethal Attacks: All attacks
Special Abilities: Fly, Shield
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Grattoni (level 4 or higher)

You thought Megido was tough? Well, The Reaper is even tougher! If you make one mistake, you might be saying bye-bye continues. Most (if not all) of The Reaper's moves are capable of killing you instantly if you're not careful. If you came out of the last fight with only 1/2 of your life and spirit, you may have some (or maybe quite a few) diffuculties; in fact, you probably don't even want to be here if you're low on life/spirit.

The first attack The Reaper will use is the Chariot Slash. This is easily avoided; just activate your Reflector (it doesn't matter if you use Mirage or Silhouette). Be careful, though. Sometimes, I push the O button and the Reflector decides not to work (I'll literally have NO Reflector!). This might happen to you, so just be careful. If it happens quickly try to re-activate the Reflector. Don't bother trying to attack The Reaper while he's using this attack; he moves way too fast, and a shield will protect him from your weapons.

The other attacks that The Reaper uses are somewhat harder to dodge, since you've only got a split second to react (with the exception of Soul Stealer). Both the Energy Wave and Deathblow can be reflected, but Deathblow is quite a bit harder to reflect since it comes up from the ground. Deathblow can also drain quite a bit of spirit if it hits you, so hope that The Reaper doesn't use it too much. If you can manage to reflect the Energy Wave before it splits, you'll do a fair amount of life and spirit damage to The Reaper.

Soul Stealer is easier to reflect than Energy Wave and Deathblow. If you see The Reaper's scythe start to glow, IMMEDIATELY activate your Silhouette Reflector! You should be able to reflect most of the shots that come at you. Be very careful when The Reaper charges this attack! If you get too close to the scythe, you will regret it (unless you don't mind losing most of your spirit and/or life).

The absolute WORST attack that The Reaper can use is his Scythe. This attack can kill you in 5 seconds or less (usually less) if you don't dodge it. What's worse, is the fact that the attack CANNOT be reflected. Trying to reflect the attack will probably result in death, or a HUGE amount of damage to both your life and spirit meters. You'll either have to jump over this attack, or get below it at the last second. It's fairly hard to dodge, so just keep trying till you get it right.

Money? You want to take money from The Reaper? Well, I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless you don't mind scraping your face off the ground with a shovel.

After you defeat The Reaper, he'll compliment Shyna's fighting skills, and then teleports her away.

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