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**CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip
Shyna falls through the air for a short time, and ends up landing inside a building.


Area 6: Eruza

Section 1
Bosses: 0
Secret Items: 0

Hey! Looks like Shyna's made it to Edo...or not. Gehena talks about the Eruza system for a bit, and then gives Shyna a quick warning about the amount of enemies in the building.

Proceed to the right, but be careful! There are some Polly Peepers with machine guns waiting for you (you know the drill for dealing with them, RIGHT?). Keep going to the right and dash up the wall. Buy what you need at the shop, and then go up. Now, here's a nice surprise: 2 walkers and a bunch of Polly Peepers! Awww, isn't that sweet? Get rid of the Polly Peepers, and then focus on the walkers. You can reflect their attacks, or you can lure them to the right and push them into the wall with the Lv.6 Surosa. Two hits from being pushed against the wall will kill the walkers. This is somewhat hard to do, so you might just want to reflect their shots.

Dash up the wall on the right. Two Polly Peepers will appear on the floor below you. There's a shop just below the floor, but you should save your money right now. If you desperately need a health/spirit boost, buy it. Continue down past the shop.

When you reach the next part, some flying Spectres and Polly Peepers will attack you. When you finish them off, some more flying enemies will come in. Get rid of them, and then dash up the wall on the left. Be careful here; when you start going to the right, rocks will start falling from the ceiling. Just dash through as fast as you can. If you're lucky, you'll come out of it unharmed; if you're unlucky, you might lose 1/2 your life. When you get through the rocks, it's on to the next section.


Section 2
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 0

Buy what you need at the shop (I TOLD you to save your money!), and proceed to the right. Hey, what the heck's going on? Hal appears, and he gives Shyna some information about Edo, and the Attribute Experiments. After a bit of talking, Hal (or is it Har?) summons Gargantuan, and Shyna is expected to "feed" him.

Boss 18b (better than 18/19): Gargantuan
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Attacks: Energy Blasts, Ring, Explosion Blasts
Most Lethal Attacks: Energy Blasts, Explosion Blasts
Special Abilities: Attribute Change, Eating
Recommened Parasites: All Parasites work well

This boss isn't very difficult; he's actually quite easy! This is also an opportunity to get some cash, so take advantage of it! Do you remember how you fought Delia? This is basically the same thing, except you have to work with both attributes.

Gargantuan starts out with the Silhouette attribute, so you'll have to feed him Mirage enemies. Immediately start getting rid of any Spectres that appear, and leave only Polly Peepers. Gargantuan will grab enemies with his claws, and will eat them after a short time. If he grabs a Spectre, you'll have a chance to get rid of it before Gargantuan eats it. Gargantuan's attacks, except the Ring, can be reflected. Watch out for the green ring; if it touches you, your jumping ability will suffer (you'll be lucky if you can get off the floor!). If it does get you, don't worry because it will disappear after a short time. Jumping rapidly seems to help get rid of it faster.

After Gargantuan eats 4 enemies, he'll slowly crush them. If he sustains damage, he'll change his attribute. When Gargantuan becomes a Mirage, you'll have to feed him Spectres. Get rid of any Polly Peepers that appear, and let Gargantuan eat 4 Spectres. When he sustains damage again, he'll change into a Silhouette. Just repeat this process until you've defeated him.

When you've defeated Gargantuan, he starts getting ready to explode. Hal says Shyna has a "date" with an old friend in the core. Sandalphon appears, and knocks Shyna down into the core.


Section 3
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: 1

From this point on, you control which path you take.

Now, isn't this nice? Shyna and Zohar are trapped in the core, and it's ready to self-destruct in 2 minutes!

Boss 19: Zohar
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Metatron's Attacks: Sword Slashes, Charge, Stab + Explosion, Slash + Explosions, Super Slash
Sandalphon's Attacks: Gun Shots, Homing Beam, Lightning Beam, Charge, Mines
Most Lethal Attacks: Slash + Explosions, Super Slash, Lightning Beam, Mines
Shared Attacks: Jump, Throw
Special Abilities: Fly, Dash, Teleport, Attribute Change, Absorb
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Envia (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Cavitas (any level)

Now this can be one NASTY boss! Zohar has gained some more (super) powerful attacks, and you've only got 2 minutes to defeat him. What's a Messenger to do? For starters, begin blasting Zohar with Surosa shots. If Sandalphon releases some mines, be careful; they will reflect your Mirage shots (but they can't reflect Envia!), and Sandalphon can fire a laser that will bounce off of them. Sandalphon is very vulnerable after releasing the mines, so blast her! All of Sandalphon's other attacks can be dodged/reflected just like in the previous fights.

And now for Metatron! His attacks are fairly easy to dodge (as usual). If he uses either of his Explosion attacks, you can reflect the blasts, or just jump out of the way. Be VERY VERY careful if you see light radiate from Metatron's sword! This means he's preparing his most powerful attack, the Super Slash. If this hits you, you can kiss 150 life/spirit good bye. As soon as you see the sword glow, ACTIVATE YOUR SILHOUETTE REFLECTOR (is that clear?)! If you do this, you'll have nothing to worry about! You shouldn't worry too much about this attack anyway; Metatron rarely uses it, and it's VERY easy to reflect. The rest of Metatron's attacks can be dodged/reflected just like in the previous fights.

There are a few possibilities for this battle's outcome:

You did not defeat Zohar within 2 minutes:
Zohar prepares to teleport away, but Hal tells him to get Shyna out of the core as well. Zohar gets a little upset, but then agrees to bring Shyna.

You defeated Zohar before time ran out:
Zohar gets ready to leave, but Hal tells him to bring Shyna. Zohar gets upset (Metatron can sure get mad!), but teleports Shyna out of the core as well.


Area 7: Edo

Section 1
Bosses: 1
Secret Items: All Lv.6 Parasites

Note: You'll fight one of two bosses here. The boss you fight depends on how the last battle went. Also note that some of the dialogue changes depending on who you beat (or "lost" to) in the core battle.

If Zohar wasn't defeated:
Hal gives Shyna some more information. It seems Shyna's body can be used as a bomb (!), but she doesn't believe what Hal says. Zohar thinks that he'll be able to defeat Shyna now, but Hal disagrees, and deletes Zohar on the spot (how miserable can you get?!). He then summons Serah to fight Shyna.

Boss 20: Serah
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Attacks: Amplitude Ray, Genesis Phase, Destruction Clarion (used only when morphed), Energy Probe
Most Lethal Attacks: Amplitude Ray, Destruction Clarion
Special Abilities: Fly, Eat
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Envia (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Rasti (Lv.4 or higher)

This boss isn't too difficult; in fact, it's MUCH easier than your last fight. If you're lucky, you might even pick up some cash and health boosts. Serah's spirit bar will provide you with spirit refills throughout the fight! Just like Dynamis and Malak, you'll be able to drain spirit from Serah indefinitely, even when her meter is empty.

During the first part of the fight, Serah will mostly use Genesis Phase. This isn't really an attack; all it does is drop some worms onto the floor. Get rid of these worms quickly! They will not only start attacking you, but they'll also give Serah a health boost if she eats them. Another attack is the Amplitude Ray, which is much more dangerous than Genesis Phase. If Serah says "Amplitude Ray," get as close to one of the edges as possible and activate your reflector. You might get hit by the attack a little, but it's better than trying to dodge it without reflecting. Energy Probe is easy to dodge: reflect it!

When Serah's life falls below 2/3 (or 1/2), she'll morph, and will gain access to the Destruction Clarion. This attack has random outcomes, so look at the following list to find out how to dodge/reflect the attacks:

Flame Circle: Try to reflect as many flames as possible, and they might do some damage to Serah.
Flame Rain: Get as close as possible to the edge of the floor, and activate your Reflector. Make sure you use the proper attribute (the flames will be either Silhouette or Mirage)!
Flying Bugs: Triple jump into the air and activate your Reflector (make sure the Reflector is the same attribute as the bugs.). You should be able to stay above the shockwaves that form on the floor.

When you defeat Serah, she explodes, and Shyna gets ready to enter the Edo system. Before she does, Bug shows up, and brings some "goodies" for her (AWESOME goodies! The shop that Bug brings in has EVERY Lv.6 Parasite!). Note that this is the only shop you can purchase the Lv.6 Cavitas from. If you need to buy anything, choose to enter the shop; if not, then choose "Skip." If you choose "Enter" and wait for a bit, Bug will get mad at Shyna, and you'll get to pick from 2 more choices. If you choose the second choice, you won't get a chance to shop. When you're done, it's time for the final battle.

If Zohar was defeated:
Hal tells Shyna that her body can be used as a bomb, but Shyna doesn't believe him. Zohar believes that he'll be able to defeat Shyna, but Hal disagrees a little. Hal says Zohar is actually the strongest Guardian Angel, but Zohar's power is shackled. Zohar thinks Hal is lying, but quickly finds out Hal is telling the truth. Hal then changes Zohar into Cypher-Ha Zohar (Cypher-Za Zohar if Sandalphon is morphed).

Boss 20: Cypher-Ha (Cypher-Za) Zohar
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Metatron's Attacks: Sword Slashes, Energy Projectiles
Sandalphon's Attacks: Homing Beam, Mini Grenade, Dual Gun Shots, Embrace the Void
Most Lethal Attacks: Sword Slashes, Mini Grenade, Embrace the Void
Special Abilities: Fly, Attribute Change, Absorb Shots, Rocket (only used when life falls below 2/3)
Recommended Parasites: Any Lv.6 Parasite

Okay, so I lied before. This is THE nasty boss! Zohar has 4000 life, and his spirit meter will be refilled if you try to drain it (life sucks sometimes, huh?). Zohar's attacks can do anywhere from 30 - 90 damage, and you can't pick up ANY healing items. So, what do you do? Well, for starters, if you have 2 or more parasites, use Surosa first (if you don't have Surosa, use whatever parasite(s) you have). When your current parasite dies, your spirit meter will be completely refilled for your other parasites. Use your other parasites until they die, and voila! When your last parasite dies, you'll receive the Lv.6 Surosa and a full spirit meter!

Metatron's attacks are fairly easy to dodge, and they're even easier to dodge if you know his pattern. The pattern is usually this: slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, Energy Projectiles, slash, Attribute Change. To attack Metatron, double jump over the slash while on your Silhouette side, then quickly turn around and blast with your Mirage side, use your third jump, and then face your Silhouette side. Be careful though. Sometimes, Metatron will swing one sword downward, and the other upward. For the Energy Projectiles, just dash to the edge of the floor so your Silhouette side faces towards Metatron. Reflect the projectiles, and you'll be fine.

Sandalphon's attacks are a little bit harder to dodge since they're all long-range. The Dual Gun Shots and Homing Beam can be reflected. The Mini Grenade can be reflected too, but you should relfect the explosion, not the grenade; the explosion has a better chance of hitting Zohar. The one attack you don't want to reflect is Embrace the Void; you should "float" over it instead. If you see Zohar shoot a laster into the ground (look familiar?) triple jump into the air and activate your Mirage Reflector.

When you've defeated Zohar, he encourages Shyna to finish her mission, and then disappears. Shyna prepares to enter the Edo system, but is stopped by Bug. He gives Shyna a chance to purchase some items at the shop that he brings in. If you lost some weapons, and are in need of healing, buy what you need, because the final boss is coming up.


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