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You've made it to the Edo system! This is where the final battle takes place, so I hope you're prepared. You'll fight one of 3 bosses here: Geluve, Megido, or a girl at the top of the Edo system. It all depends on what you've done, and what choice you make now.

You had to fight Serah:
Hal tells Shyna a final bit of information about the Attribute Experiments, and then asks her to make a choice: restore the Edo system, or abandon it.

If you choose to Restore Edo:
Hal is disappointed with Shyna's choice, and is even more disappointed when Megido appears. Hal doesn't stay disappointed for long, since he easily hacks into the Edo system and takes it over. Hal then summons Geluve, who quickly kills off Megido. Geluve eventually destroys Hal and the Edo System (crazy, no?), and she then gets ready to fight Shyna.

Final Boss: Geluve
Attributes: Silhouette and Mirage
Attacks: Throw, Embrace the Void, Surround, Explosion Punch, Enemy Toss
Most Lethal Attacks: Throw, Embrace the Void, Surround, Enemy Toss
Special Abilities: Fly, Regenerate
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (any level), Grattoni (any level), Envia (Lv.6)

Geluve isn't a very hard boss. Her attacks are pretty easy to dodge, but they're really hard to reflect. Most of Geluve's attacks will involve both Silhouette AND Mirage shots flying at you at the same time, so don't bother trying to reflect them. You'll end up taking damage, and the reflected attack probably won't do anything. When Geluve isn't attacking, just try to blast her "arms" to do damage to her. This will shorten the arms, and make it harder for Geluve to attack.

The attack you should worry about most is Embrace the Void. Geluve will surround herself with Spectres and Polly Peepers. Sound easy? Nope! The first "layer" of enemies will all have Reflectors, while the second layer will be firing at you. Do your best to dodge the shots, and be careful not to fire at Geluve since your shots might get bounced back. If you have Envia, though, you won't have to worry about your shots getting reflected, but you'll have to go up close to the enemies, which isn't a very good idea.

The other attack you should REALLY look out for is the Throw. Remember Goliath's throw? Geluve's is basically the same (and she'll use it up to 3 or 4 times, too!); just keep away from her, and she probably won't be able to reach you (if you've damaged her "arms," it'll be that much harder for her to get you).

Another thing to watch out for is Surround. If Geluve is flying over you, she might slam her arms into the ground, trapping you between them. The bad part is that the enemies will start firing at you and you'll probably get hit; the good part is that you can probably do a fair bit of damage to Geluve. If you want to get out of the attack quickly, use the Crouch Dash, and you'll probably blast out from between the enemies.

Geluve's other 2 attacks, Enemy Toss and Explosion Punch, are pretty easy to dodge. When Geluve starts throwing enemies at you, just run past her; you'll usually avoid the attack, and Geluve will probably have to regenerate the enemies. The Explosion Punch is also easy to dodge. You can triple jump into the air and activate your Reflector, or if you're really far away from Geluve or behind her, you can probably just stand where you are and you'll avoid the attack!

When Geluve is defeated, she gets upset at Shyna. She then gets upset at her own actions, and then deletes herself. Edo and Eruza have been completely wiped out, so Shyna's mission is pretty much finished. But, according to Gehena, the fate of the world still rests in Shyna's hands...

If you choose to Abandon Edo:
Hal is happy with Shyna's choice, but becomes a little upset when Megido appears. Megido gets upset at Shyna's decision, but it doesn't matter what decision she made. Hal hacks into the Edo system, and the entire building starts to collapse.


Megido and Shyna end up outside the Edo system. With Hal dead, Megido thinks he'll be able to control both the Silhouettes and Mirages, but he won't be able to do that with Shyna around...

Final Boss: Megido
Attribute: Silhouette
Attacks: Kill Wave, Sliding Kick, Helping(?) Hand, Roses, Burning Arrow, Homing Blades, Surprise!
Most Lethal Attacks: All attacks
Special Abilities: Dash, Jump, Throw, Reflector
Recommended Parasites: Envia (Lv.6), Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6)

Refer to the previous battle with Megido on Part 3 of the walkthrough.

When Megido has lost 1/2 his health, he starts to transform. Megido's attacks and abilities change, and things get a bit more difficult now.

Attacks: Cutter, Rose Gun, Shriek, Spikes
Most Lethal Attacks: All attacks
Special Abilities: Dash, Jump, Shield

*Note: You shouldn't fire any shots at Megido during this part of the battle. Megido's shield is active as long as he isn't attacking, and it will reflect your shots. Don't bother trying to use Envia either; you won't be able to hit Megido.

You should immediately activate your Reflector (doesn't matter if it's Silhouette or Mirage; the attack has the Normal attribute) because Megido usually uses Shriek right away. If you're pretty far away from Megido, the attack probably won't hit you.

Occasionally, Megido will use the Rose Gun. All you need to do is activate your Silhouette Reflector to avoid getting hit. If you're lucky, a few of the shots will hit Megido. That's if you're lucky, though. Usually the shots won't hit Megido because you'll be forced to reflect the shots at a weird angle; Megido's shield may also reflect the shots back at you.

The one attack you should be careful of is the Spikes. This is similar to the Helping Hand, except it hits about 3 times and it is a bit faster. This attack can get through your Reflector sometimes, especially if you're too close.

Megido's most commonly used attack is the Cutter. You should reflect this attack as much as possible since it almost ALWAYS hits Megido. Hopefully, Megido will use this attack most of the time, and then you'll hardly have to let go of the O button.

When Megido is defeated, he transforms back to his original form. He tells Shyna not to worry about anything before he dies. Shyna talks with Gehena for a moment, and then says she has to find Bug...

You had to fight Cypher-Ha Zohar

Hal tells Shyna a final bit of information about the Attribute Experiments, and then asks her to make a choice: restore the Edo system, or abandon it.

If you choose to Restore Edo:

**CUT SCENE** -Press Start to Skip

Hal doesn't really care about Shyna's choice; as he plans on taking over everything anyway. Megido teleports in, and is pretty much ready to kill Hal. However, before anything else happens, Gehena activates a special program. Shyna loses control of her body for a moment as she re-activates Edo. Shortly after, Megido and Hal disappear in a flash of light.

The Edo system has been re-activated, but there's one problem: the system thinks Shyna is an intruder, and is ready to attack her!

Final Boss: Part 1: Edo

This part is somewhat tricky. You'll be forced to fight 4 groups of sphere thingies (well, that's the best name I can think of...), and each group is pretty frustrating, especially the trio of sphere thingies. You only have a short time to fight each group, and you should try to destroy as many as you can. Each destroyed sphere thingy inflicts 200 damage to the whole system.

The first group involves 2 sphere thingies firing energy blasts at you. Get ready to dash at the one that stops closest to the ground. As soon as one stops close to the ground, dash up to it, and reflect some of its shots. Don't stand around too long though, or else you might get hit from behind by the other sphere thingy. If you manage to destroy one, you'll have to fight just one sphere thingy. Just activate your reflector and hope the thing blasts itself, but remember to face it (your Reflector is no good for enemies behind you, right?).

The second group is "the trio." This is the most EVIL group of them all. The three sphere thingies will create a "fence", and will then move into the center of the screen and start firing shots. Before the fence is created, you can jump into the middle of the screen so you'll be trapped inside the fence. This way you can reflect the shots and have a better chance of destroying one of the sphere thingies. If you destroy one of the sphere thingies, you'll be back to fighting group 1. Be warned, though: this is pretty dangerous since some of the shots may slam you into the fence. If this happens, you might end up losing 1/2 your life and spirit. If you don't want to risk losing any life/spirit, just stay outside the fence and keep your Reflector activated.

The final group involves 4 sphere thingies in the shape of a worm. The group flies around and fires 4-way shots all over the place. Just activate your Reflector, and turn/move if you have to. If you destroy one of the sphere thingies, you'll be back to fighting "the trio."

When all the sphere thingies have been defeated, Shyna finds herself at the top of the Edo system. There is a boy there (his name seems to be Armageddon, according to what Megido says; however, in Japan, the boy's name is Clod), and he seems to have taken control of Hal and Megido. He's quite upset about being used as a guinea pig for the attribute experiments, and it turns out that he's the one who caused the world's problems. He plans on getting revenge, but Shyna's not ready to let that happen.

Final Boss: Part 2: Armageddon/Clod
Attributes: Silhouette, Mirage, and Normal
Hal's Attacks: Energy Arches, Jellyfish, Sphere Bombs
Megido's Attacks: Cutters, Helping Hand
Most Lethal Attacks: All attacks
Special Abilities: Switch Attributes
Recommended Parasites: Surosa (Lv.6), Priday (Lv.6), Grattoni (Lv.4 or higher)

Well, now isn't this just nice? This is almost as bad as fighting Cypher-Ha Zohar. ALMOST. The only bad things about this battle are that it can take a long time, and it's hard to pick up the health/spirit boosts that are dropped by the Jellyfish. It's also frustrating trying to damage Armageddon, since he randomly switches attributes (he'll either put Hal or Megido in front). If you're careful, you should get through this battle quite easily. In fact, you can get through this battle with minimal movement. Just stand at the edge of one of the platforms so your Silhouette side faces the attacker. Wait for the Hal image to come out, and then start firing away! This can make the battle much longer, though, since Armageddon will sometimes refuse to send out the Hal image.

Hal's attacks are somewhat hard to deal with. The Energy Arches will start out as tiny balls of energy. If you move too close to them, they'll form arches that will remain for a while. Shooting them with the opposite attribute helps get rid of them faster, but it also depletes your spirit. You should try your best to stay away from the balls of energy so they don't form arches.

The Jellyfish that Hal sends after you are VERY annoying. Usually, if you stay away from them and don't fire at them, they'll ignore you and fly away. However, if they get fairly close to you, they'll fly at your head, and usually latch on to you. If this happens, start blasting the jellyfish with the opposite attribute to get rid of it. Hopefully, you won't have to get rid of 2 of them.

The Sphere Bombs Hal uses aren't too hard to dodge/get rid of. A few Surosa shots will cause them to blow up. If you leave them alone, they'll eventually disappear. Just be careful you don't touch them or else they'll explode in your face!

Megido's attacks are quite easy to dodge. If you stand right on the edge of the top platform and don't move around, Megido's attacks shouldn't hit you at all! You might even want to face Megido with your Mirage side and try to blast him.

When you've defeated Armageddon, she gets a little mad at Shyna. Armageddon tells Shyna some "important" information: Shyna won't be appreciated by anyone, even though she saved the world. Shyna doesn't seem to mind. Armageddon disappears shortly after, and the Edo building collapses...

If you choose to Abandon Edo:

See the above "Abandon Edo" section.

Yay! You've beaten Silhouette Mirage! But, you might have a few more paths to clear yet, so keep going! When you've cleared all the paths, you'll get some cool surprises! ^__^ Now, there's an extra surprise at the credits, so I'll let you find out what it is. If you need help with it, just scroll down.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Tear here (Poor joke, emm? :P)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, I guess you're having trouble controlling Zohar at the credits, right? Well, just experiment with the controls yourself for a bit. If you can't figure out most of the attacks, take a look at this list.